Florida Woman Freaks Out, Lunges at JetBlue Employees After Missing Flight: GET ME OUT OF THIS STATE!!

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As a society, we spend plenty of time laughing at Florida Man. But we shouldn't ignore the antics of Florida Woman.

Most recently, a woman was filmed screaming herself hoarse in an airport and acting like an absolute lunatic.

As you can see and hear in the video, this woman had absolutely snapped.

Florida Woman Screams in Airport January 2019

It was at 5pm on a Sunday at JetBlue Terminal Gate F at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

A treveler from New York, named Chris Murphy, was able to record video of a woman yelling and screaming at airport employees.

Though the JetBlue employees were thankfully behind a desk, that did not stop the furious woman from gaining ground on them.

Fueled by her own rage, she hopped up and leaned across the desk, while her feet dangled in the air.

It was quite the spectacle.

Florida Woman Screams in Airport

On Twitter, Chris Murphy explains that the flight to Newark Liberty International Airport was delayed.

(It was later reported that the woman was "set off" when she missed her flight)

Airlines are an oligopoly, leaving very little pressure for customer service to improve -- but JetBlue actually has a fairly positive reputation.

That did not stop this woman from berating the employees, who had zero control over the plane schedule.

"Get me out of Florida," she screams.

First of all, mood. Anyone who's ever been to the Gunshine State has known that feeling.

But her behavior when she expresses the relatable sentiment is absolutely unacceptable.

Florida Woman Yells January 2019

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" she yells, berating the employees. "GET ME OUT THIS STATE!"


Her complaints about Florida are common sense.

We cannot speak as to why she would use that particular label to describe those poor JetBlue employees.

After this tirade, she picks up her small duffel bag and walks off, almost calmly, as if at the end of an '80s movie.

That was, of course, not the end.

Florida Woman Escorted from Airport January 2018

A follow-up video, which we have also included, shows that young woman being escorted through the airport.

"I hate white cops!" she screams.

An eyewitness described the woman herself as being a white woman.

TSA agents aren't paid enough for this. 

Actually, right now, they're not being paid anything at all.

Florida Woman escorted out January 2019

JetBlue reported to Yahoo that the customer in question, a 26-year-old California resident, was denied boarding.

They reported that she appeared to be intoxicated.

Looking at her explosive behavior in the airport, it looks like the decision to preclude her from boarding an airplane was the right call.

(Imagine if they'd let her board, only to have her flip out like that on the plane itself?)

She was removed and, in accordance with the law based upon her behavior, placed in a 72-hour hold for evaluation.

That sounds like a very good call, for everyone's safety but also for her own.

Sometimes, very good and decent people have breakdowns that prompt erratic behavior and humiliating incidents like this one.

We hope that she is able to come to her senses, apologize for this incident, and one day look back upon it and know that things have gotten better.

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