Woman Gives Birth After 14 Years in Coma: What in the ...

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Someone needs to go to jail. Maybe several someones.

Just over a week ago, a woman gave birth in a private nursing facility. The baby was reportedly born healthy.

The problem is that the woman who gave birth has been in a coma for more than a decade.

Pregnancy Belly

The victim's name has not been made public for obvious privacy reasons.

She has been in a persistent vegetative state for 14 years, ever since an incident in which she nearly drowned.

She currently resides at a private nursing facility in Arizona called Hacienda Healthcare.

Hacienda Healthcare's patients are chronically ill or developmentally disabled in such a way that requires 'round-the-clock attention.

The victim is entirely dependent upon constant care from the facility's staff, and has no way of communicating or defending herself.

Naturally, she also cannot consent to sexual intercourse.

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Somehow, the staff at the facility was unaware that the woman was pregnant until she went into labor on December 29.

Though pregnancy tests on comatose individuals are hardly routine, many find it alarming that none of her caregivers apparently noticed.

According to an unidentified whistleblower, what finally clued in the staff was that the vegetative woman was moaning during labor.

"From what I’ve been told she was moaning," the whistleblower revealed to a CBS affiliate.

"And," the whistleblower explained. "They didn’t know what was wrong with her."

Eventually, it seems, they figured it out.

A nurse at the facility delivered the baby, who is reportedly healthy.

Arizona woman in coma gives birth 02

The Phoenix Police Department has launched a sexual assault investigation into this matter, which has garnered nationwide attention.

A person who is unconscious, whether they are passed out, in a coma, or in a persistent vegetative state, cannot consent to sexual intercourse.

This isn't just a hunt for someone who crossed medical boundaries by sleeping with a patient.

The police are looking for a rapist.

Some suspect that this woman was not the only victim, but simply the only pregnancy of which anyone is aware.

Arizona woman in coma gives birth 03

State regulators are demanding that the facility increase its safety measures to ensure that this does not happen again.

Hacienda Healthcare has shared that they are launching their own internal investigation and review.

They refer to this as an "unprecedented" situation.

In the mean time, the facility has instituted a new rule in response to this horrifying story.

Male employees are now required to have a female member of the staff present when entering any patient's room.

Arizona woman in coma gives birth 04

This case highlights that patients in assisted living facility's can be at increased risk for various types of abuse, including sexual assault.

That goes for elderly in nursing homes, and especially for the comatose, who do not even know what is happening to them.

These are people who are largely forgotten in the #MeToo movement purely because they are physically unable to share their #MeToo stories.

Unfortunately, facilities that care for the vulnerable can be attractive places of employment for predators.

We hope that the monster who impregnated this woman is caught and held accountable.

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