Floribama Shore Trailer Teases Fights, Tears, Rampant Toe Sucking

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Last season, we saw that even amidst the pandemic, the Floribama Shore cast is a crazy, messy family.

This season ... that's clearly still very much the case.

Season 5's superteaser trailer includes everything from fights to medical emergencies to gratuitous toe sucking.

Yes, toe sucking. And apparently there's way more of it than the trailer showed us.

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With COVID-19 hitting hard during Season 4's filming, the family took a trip to Montana to party away from civilization.

It was the smart move and the right move.

For Season 5 (beginning Thursday, September 16), they're back down south ... and every bit as messy as ever.

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As you can see in the trailer, the cast is back in action.

That means Nilsa PRowant, Codi Butts, Aimee Hall, and Kirk Medas.

It also means Jeremiah Buoni, Candace Rice, and Gus Smyrnios.

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The trailer is filled to the brim with, of course, partying and drinking.

Please remember that none of these people are role models.

There are some serious moments, however.

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There appears to be a very serious ATV accident.

How serious it is remains unclear, but we see the vehicle slide into an uncontrolled roll.

That is very much not good for the vehicle or for the driver.

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As a result, an emergency medical ATV -- wisely waiting on standby -- speeds into action.

We don't know how bad it was.

We do, in the superteaser trailer, see plenty of tears, but cannot be certain of the context.

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Nilsa is pregnant, and has spoken in interviews about how eye-opening it was to have that experience.

She was, after all, the only sober person in an entire house full of nonstop binge-drinking.

Pregnancy is enough of a wild journey on its own without such an unusual circle of friends.

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Not every moment is happy, silly, sad, or drunk.

(Well ... maybe still drunk)

There are moments of real aggression and fighting.

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There is also what can only be described as toe-sucking.

The trailer only shows Codi sucking on a toe.

However, apparently this foot action was wide-ranging among the men on the cast.

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Alongside a couple of her castmates, Nilsa spoke to TooFab about the trailer.

"There was some fights that surprised me between some people," she reflected.

Nilsa admitted that she hasn't seen what made it into the edit: "I mean, I don't know what all is going to make it."

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"But there might be a toe-sucking incident that led to a fistfight," Nilsa teased.

She shared that this is something "that I remember because I was the only sober one the whole time."

Nilsa was sober "because I was pregnant, so I remember everything that happened."

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"That was after a lot of beers and everything like that," Codi announced.

"It's probably the first time, actually the first time, that I've ever had another man suck my toes," he claimed.

Nilsa replied: "I don't believe that!"

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"I can't believe Codi did that," Aimee commented.

Apparently, Codi didn't even remember -- or is pretending to not remember -- returning the favor.

 "Was I sucking toes?" he asked with a laugh. "I don't know. I don't remember."

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"All the boys sucked each other's toes in the house, I was there, I saw it" Nilsa declared, setting the record straight.

"Oh s--t. I do remember sucking Candice's toes in the hot tub," Codi admitted.

"It wasn't only Candice’s toes you were sucking," Nilsa replied. "We get confused when things get really crazy in our house. This is like a normal day for us." 

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