Farrah Abraham: Sophia Inherited My Good Looks! She's a Mini-Me! Lucky Bish!

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Look, we all know there is no shortage of good reasons for giving Farrah Abraham a hard time.

Even if she weren't a demonstrably, consistently bad person, some people just don't like her.

Farrah, meanwhile, seems only able to see her (alleged) good qualities and attributes.

And she's praising herself for passing those on to her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah Abraham TikTok Sophia Abraham inherited traits

Farrah Abraham loves monetizing her daughter's existence.

Whenever possible, she shares selfies, videos, and tasteless moments including Sophia.

This is why she was so, so thrilled when a fan handed her a giftwrapped opportunity to do just that.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

Farrah Abraham was open to answering questions on TikTok when a fan offered her a perfect one.

The fan asked: "What has Sophia inherited from you and what has she inherited from her dad?

The question specified: "(physical traits, personality etc)"

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska

Farrah's response began: "Oh my god I love this question."

"So Sophia has inherited obviously hair, fashion, beauty," she declared.

Obviously, most people would be saying this as an insult, but 

Farrah and Sophia Celebrate Christmas

"I mean, and her dad," Farrah then added, as if it were an afterthought.

She claimed: "Everyone used to say if you have a baby they're going to have amazing skin."

"No lie, no lie," Farrah insisted.

Farrah & Sophia in 2020

"Sophia does look a lot like daddy Derek," Farrah added.

"And speaking of, we are going to be visiting him soon," she continued.

Derek, of course, tragically passed away two months before Sophia was born.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway

Farrah observed: "Sophia is super silly like daddy Derek is."

"What do you think you've inherited from your mommy," she then asked her daughter.

Farrah, always eager to praise herself, then added: "Other than being a boss?"

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok

Sophia replied: "Your hair color."

Farrah went right on, commenting: "I have to say though, Sophia is super silly."

She added: "Sillier than her mom."

Farrah and Sophia Skincare Routine

Sophia may be sillier than Farrah because some humor is lost on Farrah.

We have sadly all seen Farrah express confusion over statements that everyone else in the room understands.

Given her erratic writing and speech patterns, she may process language differently than the vast majority of people.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Go Shopping

Social media commenters were quick to disagree with Farrah's TikTok video.

"How does one inherit hair extensions?" asked one.

Another quipped:  "So like bleach dye & extensions."

Farrah and Sophia in Venice

"She hasn't inherited your hair, it's dyed," pointed out yet another fan.

Incidentally, one could argue that Sophia did get her hair from Farrah.

Why? Because just days ago, Farrah and Sophia got their hair done together.

Farrah, In the Bahamas

Sophia had her hair lightened and straightened during the trip.

She documented the mother-daughter outing on her Instagram Storeis.

So, from a certain point of view, Farrah did give Sophia her hair.

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

Farrah's defenders are always quick to point out that the people criticizing her simply don't like her.

It is true that Farrah is widely reviled.

But that defense of her is circular logic. Why is it that people hate Farrah again?

Farrah Abraham Offers "Apology"

She's racist. She is on film, sometimes recorded herself, doing racist rants that make sense only in her mind.

Farrah is also a vocal supporter of racists.

And poor Sophia does not have a normal life and never has.

Farrah Abraham Rolls Her Eyes, Deep in Thought

Farrah treats her as an extension of herself. And as a mascot.

So yes, a lot of people who dislike Farrah point out her flaws.

But those people wouldn't dislike her in the first place if Farrah were a better person.

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