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Farrah Abraham is awful, whether she’s on another racist rant or ignoring coronavirus warnings because they don’t fit her worldview.

Now, she’s doing "sexy" dances on a TikTok … featuring her 11-year-old daughter. Watch, if you dare.

Farrah Freaks

All responsible people whose jobs have been classified as doable from home or "non-essential" are sheltering in place right now.

As such, TikTok challenges such as the Megan Thee Stallion challenge — dancing to "Savage" — have been popping up everywhere.

They’re a way to alleviate boredom while making a splash on social media.

Farrah may not be one for responsibilities of any kind, but she’s always happy to jump on a trend.

Farrah Abraham Dances Poorly on TikTok

The result is that fans are seeing that Farrah’s dancing is … not quite right.

Seriously, if you’ve watched as many of these TikTok challenges as we have, you’ve seen so many takes on this dance.

Farrah’s real mistake, though, is deciding to incorporate Sophia into the video.

We don’t begrudge Sophia trying to emulate her mom’s dancing. It’s not her fault that Farrah’s the only role model in her young life.

Farrah Abraham Dances Poorly on TikTok

We included the video in this post for your convenience, but be warned that the comments are harsh.

"My dog could do better than this lol," one commenter writes.

"I was gonna say same thing," another says. "She did that super quick n tries to hard. If she slowes down a little it woulda been better I think."

"This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen," decries another comment.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok
(Tik Tok)

A lot of people have a real issue with the ongoing pattern of Farrah increasingly using Sophia to drive up her views.

Look, sometimes 11-year-old girls engage in popular dances, with or without their mothers.

But this is not even the first time this year that Farrah has gotten dragged for using Sophia as an attempted anti-criticism shield.

But hey, at least this time Farrah is wearing clothes. That’s an improvement, in our book.

Farrah ostensibly shares the TikTok account with Sophia, whom she describes in the bio as her "best friend."

That makes it a little odd for her to use the account to sell a "massage" vibrator on that same account, as you can see her doing in the above image.

(We’re not denying that it probably feels great on people’s backs or calves, but there’s a reason that Farrah is the one endorsing it, folks)

Farrah has a long pattern of using Sophia as a prop for increasingly inappropriate social media posts and other business ventures.

Farrah and Sophia Pic

To be clear, we’re not shaming anyone for doing sexy dances or existing as sexual beings. Moms are human, too.

(We may be shaming Farrah a little for not being a very good dancer, but that’s beside the point)

Farrah likes to claim that her critics are all sex-negative misogynists, but the truth is a lot more nuanced than that.

It is the context of Farrah’s raunchy behavior that earns her righteous condemnation from fost folks.

Farrah Abraham Poses on a Boat

Part of the problem is that Farrah’s insecurities and lifestyle mean that she travels constantly, homeschooling Sophia.

Rather than let Sophia socialize normally, Farrah has ensured that she is entirely dependent upon her emotionally and socially.

So Farrah doesn’t get a whole lot of chances to do things without Sophia around, we guess … especially during this global pandemic.

But Farrah could look for age-appropriate things to do with her daughter that have nothing to do with shaking her ass or plugging a product.