Farrah Abraham: I Learned Self-Love, Self-Control on Ex on the Beach (and I Don't Mean Solo CamGirl Sex Tape Style)!!

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Reality TV villain Farrah Abraham brought her brand of antagonism to Ex on the Beach, where she flushed a foe's shoes down the toilet.

But not long after she kicked a castmate in the crotch, Farrah's reign of terror came to an end.

Farrah Abraham Exit Interview

In her exit interview, she talks about what she's "learned" from the experience. As usual, her word salad is quite something.

After her castmates gave her the boot, Farrah sat down for an exit interview on Ex on the Beach.

She was asked to reflect upon what she had "learned" from the experience.

"I have learned that I don’t lie to myself," Farray announces.

Coming from Farrah, that claim is objectively funny.

Farrah Abraham Offers "Apology"

As longtime fans -- well, longtime observers -- know, Farrah's capacity for self-deception is limitless.

She is always convinced that she is in the right and never in the wrong.

Farrah shares more of what she "learned" from her stint on the show.

"I have learned that I definitely know when I'm over my exes," Farrah says.

Farrah Abraham on Ex on the Beach

That dashes the hopes that anyone may have had about her reuniting with Simon Saran.

That's probably for the best for absolutely everyone.

"And," she says. "People need to respect that I've moved on."

Only Farrah could take a question about what she's learned and turn it into an accusation about others. Bless.

Farrah Abraham Walks Away

"I definitely have learned that I stand up for and respect women who respect other women," Farrah claims.

Farrah is known for having a short fuse and for launching into tirades -- sometimes racist ones -- against anyone who crosses her.

Sometimes, her fury is unleashed because of totally imagined insults.

Despite that, she makes a wild claim about her self-control.

I'm Coming Back!

"Controlling my anger and managing myself I have on lockdown from this experience," Farrah asserts.

At one point, she was removed from the house by security after getting into a physical fight ... and kicking the other young woman in the genitals.

Very chill of her.

Farrah was also asked about what "difficulties" she experienced on the show.

"Trying to date," she answers.

Ex on the Beach Farrah Abraham vs Nurys screens 02

"I wasn’t really finding anyone I was into," she admits.

A lot of them dodged a real bullet, then.

"So as a woman," she continues. "it was great to be secure and self-love, being single and waiting for the right one."

That almost makes sense. Almost. In any case, not everyone on Ex on the Beach was happy to see Farrah go.

Farrah Abraham for Ex on the Beach

"Tonight's elimination made me sad," Cheyenne Parker admitted. "Farrah's grown on me in a way that I could have never expected."

No one could expect that. Did ... did Cheyenne have some form of Stockholm Syndrome?

"I'm honestly sad that Farrah had to go," Maya Benberry confessed. "After all, that was one girl in the house that had me and Janelle's back."

Chad Johnson joked about Farrah's departure, saying: "Honestly, she's probably learned her lesson -- you can't go kicking girls in the vagina."

That's an important life lesson if we've ever heard one.

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