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2022 is a new year, but we’re still stuck with the same old Farrah Abraham.

The reality TV villain took to TikTok to show off her butt as she "studied" while wearing a thong bikini.

Her tween daughter was the one tasked with working the camera, which is wildly inappropriate.

What’s more is that Farrah’s claims about her law school aspirations don’t seem to add up.

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Different people have different styles for studying. Some study in bed, others at libraries or coffee shops.

For Farrah Abraham, "studying" apparently involves wearing a black thong bikini and a pair of boots.

Lounging on her stomach on a pool chair, she made herself into a foreboding omen for 2022.

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"Happy new year! Happy 2022, and I’m feeling it…" Farrah announced.

"I’m studying for my bar exam…," she claimed.

"The sun is shining and I’m wishing you all a big 2022."

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Farrah showed off more and more of her booty as the video continued.

She shuffled through the papers, like a middle school drama student overacting for a play.

Farrah announced: "I love that I can focus on my legal stuff."

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It’s not mere speculation that 12-year-old Sophia Abraham is operating the camera.

Farrah shares this herself, saying: "Thanks to Sophia recording this."

She continues: "She’s going to work on her own mental health as well. I am studying, having fun!”

Farrah Abraham With Expressive Hands

The first and most obvious issue that people had was with Farrah involving Sophia in this.

Hanging out in swimwear next to your kid is usually fine, with obvious exceptions depending upon what you’re wearing and doing.

Tasking your child with working the camera while you spread your legs and show off your butt is inappropriate.

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Farrah attempted to clap back at criticisms by saying that Sophia was just "having fun at the pool."

"You & I live in way different worlds," Farrah told concerned commenters.

"But my daughter like most kids came out of my vagina," she said, "so having fun at a pool is nothing new …"

Farrah Abraham Brings Ill Tidings

"But you wouldn’t mind asking your kid to get things they shouldn’t like alcohol etc," Farrah bizarrely claimed.

"WHICH I would never do … I recommend you don’t,” she added.

That was weird, incoherent, and a bizarre accusation to make towards a stranger on the internet. Typical Farrah.

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There was a less obvious issue with Farrah’s video — her repeated claims to be studying for the bar exam.

First of all, in order to take the bar exam, you take the LSATs and go to law school.

The only way out of going to law school is to, in a few states (including California), prepare for the bar by actively working with practicing attorneys.

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As we all know, Kim Kardashian has been taking that route in recent years.

Several commenters accused Farrah of trying to immitate the successful reality star and businesswoman.

Farrah responded by insisting: "I’m chillin by the pool being Farrah that comes easy… 2022, haters are still alive."

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Commenters had a number of notes for Farrah, including saying that the materials that she was displaying in the video …

(No, we are not referring to her butt, but to the papers on hand)

… Were not actually what she would be studying if her claims were legit.

Farrah Abraham Acts All Indignant

It is possible that Farrah is making up her legal aspirations for clout, or to give herself a social media narrative.

So long as she isn’t crossing various lines, it is not to our knowledge illegal to claim to be studying something that you are not.

Reality stars are dishonest about their lifestyle and activities all of the time. One could argue that they do so for a living.

Farrah Abraham Returns

At the same time, Farrah may genuinely believe that she has a legal career ahead of her.

Her attempt to study at Harvard backfired spectacularly, causing her to rant and rave after an unclear dispute.

Based upon what Farrah has let slip, many speculate that a professor’s attempt to help Farrah may have sent her into a raging frenzy.

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We all know that Farrah seems to have trouble stringing together coherent sentences, spoken or in writing.

Anyone can flub a sentence sometimes. For Farrah, it happens very often — especially when she is angry.

A Harvard professor would likely not be accustomed to seeing Farrahspeak in classwork, and we all know how Farrah responds to criticism.

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Is there a chance that Farrah is actively trying to pursue a legal career? Yes.

We can at least take comfort in the knowledge that it is unimaginable that Farrah could pass the bar exam under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, we have to brace ourselves for the possibility that she could make good on her threats to run for political office. Anyone can do that.