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Farrah Abraham has been recorded on video saying and doing a lot of horrendous things. It’s pretty much her brand.

Farrah wants her daughter to be a bully like she is, but that may have backfired in a huge way.

Farrah’s latest embarrassing video was uploaded by none other than Sophia!

And while any daughter my catch her mom at an awkward moment, Sophia knows exactly how crappy her mom’s behavior is.

As you can see in the video that we have included in this article, Sophia included commentary in the TikTok of her mom’s antics.

And she has nothing bit scathing criticism of her mom’s inexcusable behavior.

Farrah Abraham Jack In The Box Ultimate Karen - 1

"i tried to call you guys yesterday," Farrah complains to the poor soul at the window, "but the phones weren’t working."

Farrah tells the innocent Jack In The Box employee her name.

Sophia’s caption mocks her mom, writing her name as "fArRaH aBrAhAM."

This is a common form of writing in order to mock what someone has said, as if you were repeating it back to them in a silly voice.

Farrah then demands to know when the manager will arrive.

Sophia even does an on-screen count of how many times Farrah asks.

She asks — no, demands — three times.

Managers are not mythical beings that can be summoned by magic if you mention them three times, Farrah.

Farrah continues her whining, talking about her receipt and yesterday and … frankly, it doesn’t matter.

Even in normal times, it’s rarely appropriate to take complaints to a manager unless you didn’t get your order.

Or if, like, an employee stabbed you or called you a slur.

If they got an order wrong, you can just ask for it to be fixed. You don’t need to bother a bunch of people just to make yourself feel better.

But that is, of course, what Farrah is doing in the video.

Sophia brands her mom the "Ultimate Karen."

She then writes that Farrah is "Ultimate Karen at Jack In The Box."

Sophia is not wrong — though we’ve all seen Farrah’s behavior be significantly worse.

Farrah Abraham Walks Away

Weirdly, Farrah seems amused or almost proud of her terrible behavior, as after Sophia shared the TikTok, Farrah drew attention to it.

"Me trying this drive-thru thing during Covid ……" Farrah captions it.

She then acknowledges "@sophialabraham putting me on blast … "

"@tiktok May have a new name for me," Farrah says.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

Now, maybe this was a planned stunt by Farrah.

She seems to crave attention of any kind, including and especially negative attention.

Maybe she didn’t understand that Sophia was fully calling her out for being a walking nightmare.

Or maybe Farrah is so removed from reality that she thinks that it’s acceptable to scold and berate a fast food worker.

Farrah Abraham Offers

So, what did Sophia mean when she called Farrah a "Karen?"

Karen refers to a white woman whose sense of entitlement prompts her to behave in a domineering, aggressive way.

These "Karen" qualities most often manifest in retail and food service encounters, anywhere where they have the power to ridicule another person.

Speaking to a manager in a negative context is peak Karen.

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

The concept behind a "Karen" is a woman who vents her frustration on helpless, often low-wage employees who must listen to her.

Some of these entitled women, most of whom are older but some are of age with Farrah, feel empowered by their vicious behavior.

With increased frustrations from the pandemic and lockdown, some "Karens" are out in force.

Farrah may not realize what a piece of garbage she is being in this video, but at least everyone who sees it is.