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If there’s one thing that Farrah Abraham loves more than exploiting her daughter to sell things, it’s using her long dead Teen Mom career for clout.

But even Farrah’s most desensitized fans were horrified to see her encouraging Sophia to body-shame Amber Portwood. Wow.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

Farrah Abraham posted a video of her and 11-year-old Sophia watching some of the biggest Teen Mom fights, ever.

As you can see in the shorter excerpt that we have for you, they see an incident in which Amber Portwood really came for Farrah.

Whem Amber barges onto the set to confront Farrah, Sophia announces: "Here comes Peppa Pig!" 

Farrah marvels, saying "Peppa Pig!" and then declares "Peppa Pig is loose!"

Amber Portwood Reaction

They actually bring up the "Peppa Pig" insult more than once after that.

We see Amber have to be actively restrained and held back by production, due to her infamous issues with anger, rage, and violence.

(We sure wish that she had similar protections at home to keep the people in her life safe)

But whether Farrah coached Sophia or simply encouraged her to continue flinging the insult, fans were instantly horrified.

"Girl, get it together," a commenter demands. "I pray to Jesus that little girl grows up to be a good person."

"Sad thing [in my opinion] is you being ok with your 11 year old daughter calling another ‘Peppa Pig,’" another comment reads.

The comment continues: "Really gross behavior to be ok with that kind of bullying. No matter how much you dislike another"

"Encouraging your daughter to be a bully and letting her watch that is really inappropriate," another writes. "That poor girl[‘]s life is going to be doomed."

First, the obvious.

Peppa Pig is the titular character of a TV show targeted at extremely young children, mostly toddlers and preschoolers.

Peppa herself is about 7 feet tall, which puts her about 20 inches taller than Amber, who is very short at 5-foot-4.

Obviously, they aren’t so much comparing Amber to Peppa as they are saying that she has a pig-like appearance.

Amber Portwood on Air

Body-shaming always comes with collateral damage, which is why it is frankly never appropriate.

You can body-shame a deeply evil politician, but in the process, you’re saying needlessly hurtful things about plenty of good people, too.

There’s no way of saying "of all of the things about this bad person I am discussing that they are fat but it’s okay when other people are fat."

So no matter who Amber is or what she has done, this is a terrible thing for Farrah to do.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway

But this is a worse thing for Farrah to actively encourage Sophia for doing.

It’s not Sophia’s fault. She is 11 years old and growing and developing and learning as a person.

Isolated from the real world through homeschooling and constant travel with her mom, she has only Farrah as a role model.

And Farrah is simply not a good person. That doesn’t give Sophia much of a chance.

Amber Portwood Can't Chill

Whether or not Amber looks like one thing or another is just as moot as whether or not she’s a good person.

Farrah should not be raising her daughter this way.

She should not have the option of grooming poor little Sophia into a mini-Farrah.

If she wants to criticize Amber, she should stick to very correctly pointing out Amber’s criminal history of domestic violence.