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Give Lisa Rinna points for honesty.

And also for self-awareness.

On Wednesday’s season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Garcelle Beauvais sat down with her occasional nemesis and didn’t raise a glass of champagne to Rinna.

Instead, the pair spilled a bunch of tea.

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The main topic at hand between the Bravo personalities?

Denise Richards.

Specificaly, the allegations made by Brandi Glanville last year that she slept Denise Richards.

The actress strongly denied this charge, only to be called out as an alleged liar by Rinna — her supposedly good friend.

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"I was harder on Denise than I needed to be. I’d much rather [have] been like you and gone, ‘I don’t care, I’m standing by my friend,’" Rinna came right out and admitted on the episode to Beauvais.

"Like, that’s f—ed up. Absolutely, 100 percent," she said about her own actions.

As Beauvais agreed with her frenemy, the Real co-host also noted in a confessional:

"I think Rinna is trying to own it really quickly so that I don’t come for her."

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To the likely surprise of many viewers, Rinna was on her best behavior, though. 

"I really care about you, I always have. I’ve taken a lot of time to self reflect and I wanna apologize if i hurt you," Rinna told Beauvais.

"I know I did and I want to apologize for that. My intention is to never hurt you. Hurt people hurt people and I was hurt and I hurt."

Still, Garcelle wouldn’t let her off the hook so easily, continuing to stand up for Richards, who left the show after a very challenging season a few months ago.

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"Why couldn’t you just be there for her? Why couldn’t you let the other girls come after her?" Garcelle asked Lisa.

"I couldn’t," replied Rinna, "It wasn’t honest."

The ex-soap opera star slammed Richards at every turn last season, refusing to believe her denials about hooking up with Glanville.

She was so nasty that many fans called for Rinna to be fired after these ugly episodes aired in 2020.

Lisa Rinna Scoffs

"The way you were were Denise, how can I trust you won’t turn around and do that to me?" Beauvais also asked Lisa, who swore she was being "protective" of Denise, even though it never came across that way.

"Sometimes I can be a c—, a real c—," Rinna finally admitted, "I’m gonna say it about myself."

Garcelle didn’t disagree, prior to Lisa adding:

"I know there’s a lot of hurt, it’s gonna take you a minute to trust me. I think the best thing to do is move on from that."

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"I would tread lightly, but I’m open," Garcelle said to conclude the meeting.

So… all was well that ended well?


Garcelle Beauvais Reacts at the Season 10 Reunion

In a confessional, Beauvais told the camera:

"It takes more than one drink to fix our friendship."

And in a preview for next week, we saw Garcelle having another one-on-one exchange with Rinna … during which she told her;

"You were a s—-y friend to Denise, you were a s—-y friend to me. How do I trust telling you something and not knowing it’s going to backfire?"

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"I can’t promise you that," responded Rinna.

Like we said: at least she’s self-aware.