Emotional Dog Loves Adele, Must Have Called 1,000 Times

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This is getting a bit ridiculous, Adele.

We already know you have quite the effect on babies, making them quiet down at the mere sound of your beautiful voice.

We also know you have the ability to inspire a marching band, helping them come up with one of the most unique halftime performances we've ever seen.

But we had no idea you also were such a hit in the canine community.

The folloing video features a dog named Buckeye who hears Adele's smash hit "Hello" come on the radio and he just can't help himself.

His figurative tears start flowing and Buckeye just gets lost in the moment.

We're not sure who he must have called 1,000 times. We're not sure who he wants to say he's sorry to and we're not sure who never seems to be home when he tries to make contact.

All we know is that Buckeye is clearly affected by this ballad. 

If a dog could shed tears, Buckeye clearly would here.

He sings right along with Adele, as first noted by My Fanatic, showing even more emotion here than Adele herself even does in her iconic music video.

Take a look below for yourself and just try not to crack up over this emotional dog.

He really lets loose!

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