Hysterical Baby Can Only Be Soothed by Adele

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Adele is absolutely everywhere these days.

She's performing on Saturday Night Live. She's posing for the cover of Rolling Stone. She's breaking every music record imaginable.

But did you know she's also inside the hearts and minds of kids everywhere?

We've already given readers a look at a toddler who responded to Adele's smash hit "Hello" by hilariously talking back to the solo superstar.

And now we're here with footage of a young child whose mother says is going through the pain of teething, thanks to our friends at My Fanatic.

As all parents knows, this is nearly impossible to combat. Your child is growing a new tooth and it has to make its way up through the gum and it hurts. A LOT.

It hurts a lot and it hurts non-stop and sucking on something cold can only help so much.

There's barely anything you can do... unless your child loves Adele, that is!

In the following video, we see a boy who is in lots of pain. He's crying and he's crying and it seems like all hope is lost. But then he hears one magical word:


That's all it takes. At the very first syllable uttered by the best singer on the planet, the boy quiets down and listens intently. He clearly doesn't want to miss a note.

And you won't want to miss this video. It's downright hilarious... and it also makes it official:

Adele cannot be stopped. She can do absolutely everything.

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