Marching Band Slays Unique Version of Adele's "Hello"

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The influence of Adele continues to be felt near and far, home and abroad.

Pretty much anywhere and everywhere, to be honest.

We've already seen Britney Spears bust out some ballet in honor of the artist, dancing beautifully on Instagram to Adele's smash hit single, "Hello."

We've also seen how this same track can stop a baby from crying. Even a baby who is crying hysterically as a result of teething.

Now, courtesy of the helpful website My Fanatic, we're privy to something we never thought we'd see before:

A college marching band putting its own twist on "Hello."

We already know what you're thinking: How is this possible? How can a marching band perform to such a slow, emotional, sentimental ballad?

It doesn't exactly lend itself to loud instruments or any kind of dancing.

During the halftime of the Bayou Classic - a football game played each year between rivals Southern University and Grambling State University - the latter's marching band answered this question.

It took to the field and put on a stunning, gorgeous performance set to the song that is breaking every conceivable music record after just a few weeks of release.

See how the musicians do it below and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor.

This is pretty amazing stuff:

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