Ellen DeGeneres Uses Finding Dory to Make a Much Larger Point

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In her opening monologue for today's episode of her very popular talk show, Ellen DeGeneres refused to discuss something very unpopular among her fellow celebrities:

Donald Trump's new immigration policy.

You can click HERE to see what Ellen's fellow stars have said about this controversial executive order, which bans the entry of refugees into the United States from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

But, nope, Ellen didn't want to talk about this new law on air.

She just wanted to talk about the plot to Finding Dory.

Ellen DeGeneres Talks Finding Dory

This also seemed relevant because reporters confirmed that Trump and his family screened the beloved movie (which, of course, features the voice DeGeneres for the main character) in the White House on Saturday.

"Finding Dory is about a fish named Dory," Ellen explains in the following clip.

"Dory lives in Australia and these are her parents, and they live in America. And I don’t know what religion they are, but her dad sounds a little Jewish. It doesn't matter.

"Dory arrives in America with her friends Marlin and Nemo. She ends up at the Marine Life Institute behind a large wall. They all have to get over the wall and you won’t believe it, but that wall has almost no effect in keeping them out."

Hmmm... wait a second.

Might Ellen be using this summary as a way to make a larger point about what's happening in the country?

Might she be making a similar point as that of her co-star, Albert Brooks, who Tweeted over the weekend:

"Odd that Trump is watching Finding Dory today, a movie about reuniting with family when he's preventing it in real life."

Watch Ellen's full subtle (okay, not-so-subtle) slamming of Trump below:

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