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Donald Trump is officially a terrible person.

Well, we’ve known he was terrible for a good long while now, but his latest move really just takes the whole terrible cake.

In case you missed it, Trump just signed an executive order that many are referring to the “Muslim Ban.” The order prevents anyone from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia from entering the country.

Refugees from these countries, people with visas, people with green cards who have families and careers in the U.S.? If they’re abroad for any reason, they can’t come back.

Also worth noting: though the banning of refugees is temporary, in the future they will be given a “religious test” before entering the country. Christians will receive preference.

Oh, and one more thing: Trump is fine with people from predominantly Muslim countries to which he has business ties.

It’s alarming, it’s horrifying, and it obviously discriminatory.

See how celebrities are reacting to Trump’s order, which is now in effect.