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Years ago, Dylan Farrow spoke out against Woody Allen, accusing him of sexual abuse. He continues to churn out his creepy movies about old men and young women.

We don’t know if the #MeToo momentum is enough to spell Time’s Up for Woody Allen, but Dylan Farrow is speaking out again, on CBS This Morning.

In the teaser video for the interview below, Dylan Farrow responds to questions of why she wants to bring down Woody Allen … and why you should believe her.

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Nearly four years ago, in a haunting essay, Dylan Farrow accused Woody Allen of molesting her as a child.

I still remember reading it. The grim details of her experience as a 7-year-old isn’t something that you easily forget. But you might want to.

We’re sure that she wishes that she could forget.

Woody Allen was her adoptive father. He has always denied the allegations, calling them "disgraceful" and "untrue," to no one’s surprise.

Child abuse on its own sort of maxes out any awfulness scale, but if it were possible for it to get worse, it would be child abuse committed by a parent.

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From the moment that the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story broke at the beginning of October 2017, many women realized that there had been just enough of a cultural shift for them to name the sex monsters who walked among them.

All of these women have faced backlash in one form or another, but now the world knows the names of dozens of men with whom no one should ever have to be alone on an elevator.

But all along, people listening to these stories have wondered — when will Woody Allen’s time finally be up?

He hasn’t been named by one of 2017 or 2018’s #MeToo stories. Dylan Farrow called him out in 2014. it’s not a secret.

And yet not only has he faced zero legal consequences, but he’s still free. He has a career. He wins awards. Actresses who should know better, like Selena Gomez, still work with Woody Allen

Woody Allen gets trashed by people like Ellen Pompeo, but he also gets defended by celebs like Alec Baldwin.

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But Dylan Farrow isn’t remaining silent, and she went on CBS This Morning to speak about Woody Allen.

Gayle King mentions that people have suggested that Dylan is simply out to get or bring down Woody Allen.

Dylan replies:

"Why shouldn’t I want to bring him down? Why shouldn’t I be angry? Why shouldn’t I be hurt?"

That’s such a good reply. Our culture has a toxic craving for people who forgive the people who ruined their lives. It’s not healthy.

Forgive somebody who took your car, not your childhood.

"Why shouldn’t I feel some sort of outrage that, after all of these years of being ignored and disbelieved and tossed aside. …"

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Gayle King then asks why people should believe her, since so much time has passed.

"I suppose [whether people believe me is] on them."

She’s right. Dylan has spoken 

"But all I can do is speak my truth and hope."

(The my/your truth line is a pet peeve of mine, but many people feel like it’s less confrontational than saying the truth)

"Hope that somebody will believe me instead of just hearing me."

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It’s difficult to think of a conceivable motive to make Dylan Farrow lie about this.

Speaking out has earned her her hate from diehard Woody Allen fans and stigma from people who believe that her childhood trauma makes her "damaged goods."

False accusations of sexual assault do happen, to be clear. I believe that the statistic is somewhere around 0.04% of the time?

We are very interested in what Dylan Farrow has to say about how her father continues to be accepted and defended in Hollywood, despite her allegations.

Here is the teaser video of her interview: