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Folks, this Jenelle Evans-Deavan Clegg feud keeps getting uglier by the day.

And we couldn’t be happier about it.

So far, the situation has proven to be a drama goldmine, and just when we thought we’d heard about all of the obnoxious, idiotic behavior of Jenelle and her Cro-Magnon husband, David Eason, Deavan goes and busts out some brand new allegations!

It really is Christmas in late June!

Don’t get us wrong — we feel for Deavan, who shouldn’t have to put up with this absurdity.

But her current truth-telling campaign could be the nail in the coffin of Jenelle’s "career," so we thank her for taking one for the team.

In case you’re not up to date on this situation, here’s a brief recap before we dive into the latest:

Deavan Clegg, Jenelle Evans Pic

Jenelle and Deavan were hired to do a podcast together — with the unfortunate name of Girl Sh-t — and to say it didn’t work out would be putting it very mildly.

Evans was fired from Girl Sh-t, and eventually Deavan walked away, and the whole thing fell apart before a single episode was recorded.

And that’s when things really got interesting.

Jenelle on Her TikTok

Just when it seemed like all the dust had settled from Evans’ latest failed business venture, Jenelle accused Deavan of stealing her Xanax.

The timing couldn’t have been much worse, as Deavan was pregnant at the time of their meet-up in Tennessee, and recently suffered a miscarriage.

Jenelle likely knew this, but she’s a terrible person, so it didn’t stop her from stirring up nonsense.

Photo via Instagram

Anyway, Deavan hopped on Instagram Live earlier this week, and she absolutely unloaded on Jenelle in a glorious 14-minute rant:

“Jenelle, I am taking you to court,” Clegg stated early in the clip.

“I am suing you now. This is unacceptable. I promised my love I wouldn’t get into a lawsuit — I didn’t want to go through that pain, but accusing me of stealing your drugs is illegal," she added.

Jenelle Evans Video Still

"[Jenelle] was fired from this podcast. I have the proof…She keeps lying. So does Gabbie. You both are liars. I have the evidence. I have the receipts and proof," Deavan continued.

"[Jenelle] is accusing me of doing Xanax. And stealing her Xanax. That is a crime Jenelle! You cannot accuse someone of that!

"I was pregnant! Why on Earth would I be stealing your medicine? You accused me of that. That is illegal. Everything you are saying is a lie."

Deavan Clegg Reflects

From there, Deavan leveled some allegations of her own, claiming that Jenelle and David drove while drunk and stoned with their 4-year-old daughter Ensley in the car.

"Jenelle, should we talk about how you and your husband had open containers in the car with your young child and I had to drive because I was so upset that you guys were even going to drive?" Clegg asked.

“I told the podcast people that we needed to do something about this and they wouldn’t do it,” Deavan continued.

Photo via Instagram

“They didn’t want to stand up for the child. They said, ‘You know, that’s just how it is over here.’ And that was the moment I quit.”

"You are lying. You are hurting other people. You were fired. Get over it! It wasn’t because of me."

Deavan closed things out with numerous repetitions of the word "unacceptable," which — to be fair — is one of the most appropriate words you can use when talking about Jenelle.

Deavan Clegg Shows Off Freshly Plumped Lips

"It is unacceptable how much you and your husband drink around your child, and then drove with her in the car. That is unacceptable," she said.

"It’s unacceptable that you guys brought, like, a huge amount of marijuana … And traveled with it, somewhere where it’s illegal with your child in the car,"C Clegg added.

She capped off her rant with advice that Jenelle has likely heard many, many times before:

Deavan Clegg in Hair Extensions

"You need help. Get help! You both need help. You need help," Clegg implored.

"Something like this, you cannot lie about that Jenelle. You need help! Get help! You obviously need help. You are a compulsive liar.

"There is something mentally wrong with you. You need to go get help. You do. You need help. It’s very unfortunate. Very unfortunate."

Of course, instead of following that advice, Jenelle will just hurl more allegations, but hey — at least Deavan tried!