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Desiree Hartsock’s Valentine’s Day getaway in Maui with husband Chris Siegfried was made even more romantic by a surprise twist:

A positive pregnancy test! She’s expecting!

The season nine star of The Bachelorette, 30, discussed with Us Weekly what was going through her mind before and after that moment.

“I kinda knew, like, ‘You know something, I think I’m pregnant,’” she admits. “We were in Hawaii when we went for our one-year anniversary."

"That’s when we took a test and found out!”

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Chris, her final rose recipient, is over the moon – and embracing the role of dad-to-be while doting on his beautiful bride every moment.

“I get her whatever she needs,” he says.

Desiree says that’s no easy task, either:

“Each day is something new. Like one day I’m like, ‘Babe, I really need Italian.’ The next, it’s Mexican and the next it’s dessert for dinner!”

Fortunately, he’s killing it across the board.

“He’s just so supportive," the pregnant Hartsock, who’s due this summer, gushed, "and if I’m craving ice cream, he’s like, ‘Okay, let’s go get it!’”

Chris sounds like he’s a keeper for sure!

Not that we’re surprised, as Bachelorette fans.

While their love story began a bit unconventionally, and slowly, by show standards, it has emerged as one of the franchise’s top stories.

Hartsock and Siegfried find themselves in that coveted top tier, that rarified air of Bachelor and Bachelorette pairs to make it to the altar.

A dark horse all season, Chris often played second fiddle to Brooks Forester, but Desiree’s second choice ultimately became her first.

Nice guys finishing last? Not always!

Check out Desiree discussing her pregnancy in the video below, and join us in wishing this couple nothing but the best in love and life.