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Ted Cruz lost all five states at primary play on Tuesday night to Donald Trump.

The odds of him becoming the Republican nominee for President are pretty dismal at the moment.

But not as dismal as his odds of becoming the next commissioner of the NBA.

The politician didn’t just give a speech on Tuesday night in Indiana.

He gave a speech in the same gymnasium in which the iconic sports movie Hoosiers was filmed.

The GOP Presidential candidate has often touted his affection for the 1986 film, which tells the inspiring true tale of a small-town high school basketball coach portrayed by Gene Hackman who leads his underdog team to the state championship.

Fast forward to Tuesday and Cruz attempting to re-create the memorable scene where Hackman measures the hoop height at the court where the state championship is to be played.

His goal is to calm the nerves of his players, who are scared of playing on a big stage, by showing that the measurements are the same as their home court.

Here. Check out the scene for yourself:

Hoosiers Movie Clip

Pretty great stuff, right?

But Cruz ruined it forever by trying to quote Hackman’s character in his stump speech.

“The amazing thing is, that basketball ring in Indiana, it’s the same height as it is New York City and every other place in this country,” he tells the crowd.

Yes, the basketball ring.

Not the hoop. The basketball ring.

As you might expect, Twitter had some fun with this faux pas.

"Did Ted Cruz just call it a basketball ring? In Indiana? Is he going to say he’s looking forward to seeing the NASCARs run the Indy 500 next," wrote @WillMcAvoyACN, while @johnfhill2 summed up this gaffe perfectly:

"On one hand it has to be so hard to talk as much as these people do and not say something stupid. OTOH cmon bro a basketball ring?’.

Cruz concluded the night with evening with no wins in the primaries… and a technical foul for life in messing up both this line and the identity of a really basic sports apparatus.