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It didn’t take long for David Letterman to come out of retirement.

Rocking a full-on beard, the former Late Show host made a cameo Friday night on Martin Short and Steve Martin’s A Very Stupid Conversation event in San Antonio.

"I am so happy to be out of the house!" Letterman joked, before setting his sights on a certain President candidate:

"I retired and I had no regrets, none. I was happy. I was complacent. I was satisfied. I was content. And then a couple of days ago, Donald Trump said he was running for president. I have made the biggest mistake of my life, ladies and gentlemen."

And, with that, Letterman pulled out a Top 10 List of interesting facts about the man who thinks most Mexicans are rapists.

After referencing what Trump says during sex and making fun of Trump’s comb-over, Letterman mocked himself with number-six: 

"Trump walked away from a moderately successful television show for some delusional bulls–t…oh wait, that’s me."

HA! We miss Letterman on television every night.

Watch his full appearance above.