David Bowie: New Music Video Released on What Would Have Been His 70th Birthday

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David Bowie died last year on January 10th after battling liver cancer.

And his loss hurt so, so bad.

He's an absolute legend, he's always been one of the best of the best -- no one can touch him, and no one should even try to.

As his parting gift, he left us one of the best albums of his whole career, Blackstar. And oh, what an album it was ...

But now, on the day he would have celebrated his 70th birthday and just a few days ahead of the first anniversary of his death, we have a little surprise gift.

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Bowie's people released a new EP today called No Plan. It's not exactly brand new -- it was available last month with the deluxe edition of the soundtrack to his Broadway musical, Lazarus -- but it's amazing all the same.

And in addition to the EP, we even have a music video for "No Plan."

It's got possible alien activity, it's got rocket ships, it's got weirdness ... everything Bowie would have wanted.

It's also got his beautiful, beautiful voice, which is obviously nothing to shake a stick at.

Check out the music video and the new song in all its spectacular glory below:

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