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Bravo fans far and wide now know that Teresa and Joe Giudice have separated. As in, officially separated, not just kept apart by an entire ocean.

Now, the news is out, and Teresa’s friends and castmates, both past and present, have a lot to say about the split.

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

On Tuesday, December 17, fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey received a Saturnalia gift that they had long anticipated.

Teresa and Joe decided to face the music and officially separated.

Now, that’s not the same thing as getting a divorce, but it’s generally considered to be a huge step in that direction.

There are no plans to divorce, but both Giudices had decided that a permanently long-distance marriage was just not realistic.

Margaret Josephs On The Real Housewives of New Jersey

"It’s not surprising," Margaret Josephs remarked on Wednesday during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

"Andy, you know, we heard what she said at the last reunion," she added.

"They’re making the best decisions for their family, and Joe and Teresa, you know, they’re moving on," Margaret pointed out.

"I haven’t spoken to her since the news broke yesterday," she admitted. "I haven’t had a chance. But I will be speaking to her this week."

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"Do [you] see the newspaper? Do you see what is going on in this world?" Amber Marchese indignantly told Us Weekly.

"For the last week, I’ve been fighting against the state forcing mandatory vaccinations on our kids," she whined irresponsibly.

Apparently, her crusade against responsible governmental decisions and child safety has her too busy to care about other people.

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"I don’t give a rats ass about people who don’t pay their taxes and commit crimes," Amber continued.

"As much as I would love to try to care about housewife drama," she said.

Amber concluded: "It is not surprising the Giudices have succumb to the curse of it. No one survives that show."

Siggy Flicker Poses

"Sad news. Most knew that this day was coming. It’s a sad ending to a beautiful start," Siggy Flicker told Us.

"They got married, had four beautiful girls, and hoped for a bright future," she remarked.

Siggy observed: "Relationships are complicated and it takes two to make any relationship work."

"They had too much working against them," she lamented, "and I also disagree with the judge ruling in favor of Joe being deported."

Siggy Flicker Picture

"He did the crime, did the time, and should have been allowed to go home to his family," Siggy argued.

"Enough was enough," she declared.

"Wishing Joe and Teresa all the health and happiness," she commented. "They are both wonderful parents."

"Their children have suffered enough," Siggy concluded. "Wishing their entire family peace and happiness."

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"Teresa is a big girl," Danielle Staub told Us. "She has made choices that she wants to clearly stand by."

"And in these situations," she commented, "the kids always lose out."

"In the end, we all make decisions and they always affect our children. I myself have done that too," Danielle acknowledged.

"I feel bad for the kids, that’s all," she declared. "They will all remain in my prayers, Joe included."

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Speaking of Danielle’s choices, Marty Caffrey commented: "There’s really nothing I can say about it other then it’s a sad situation for their daughters."

"Only Joe and Teresa can decide how to move forward," Marty admitted. "Getting separated comes as no surprise to anybody."

"They’ve basically been separated for a few years already anyway," he pointed out.

He concluded: "I just wish them both happiness."