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Just days after announcing that she can prove that Mohamed Jbali cheated on her, 90 Day Fiance star Danielle Mullins tried to answer her most frequently asked fan questions.

She’s addressing how she really feels about Mohamed, and publicly addressing her alleged genital odor – the one that Mohamed publicly accused her of having.

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She also gives an update on her life and explains, once and for all, why she’s still going by Danielle Jbali.

The eagle-eyed folks over at The Ashley noticed that Danielle addressed her "hygiene" rumors in a social media post.

"I don’t hate Mohamed as a person," Danielle writes on Facebook.

"I hate the things he has done to me."

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By which she means that he allegedly cheated on her, used her to get a green card despite telling her he loved her, and also withheld sex during their marriage – with the exception of one time, to consummate it.

"When you are fighting and emotional you say things you later regret," Danielle says of her previous outbursts of anger towards her ex.

"I am at peace with all my decisions," Danielle says. "And I am living my life."

She then says that God will hold Mohamed accountable for how he treated her.

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Danielle writes: "Mohamed will have to face his judgement when he dies and has to answer to Allah."

"The second thing I want to address and this is the last time I will answer this," Danielle continues. "About my last name."

"I made the decision to keep my married name," she explains. "Because right now it is not important to me to change it."

She really wants to clear the air on this.

"Just because I kept it," Danielle emphasizes. "Does not mean I want Mohamed, love him, want to remain relevant, or obessed with him."


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Danielle also explains that costs and hassle are barriers to a name change — something that many of her fans do not seem to grasp.

"I made my decision on finances and time. It costs money with documents to change it," Danielle spells out.

Danielle writes: "All of the documents that costs money are my drivers license, school ID, passport, STNA license, and home and car titles."

She adds that she would have to personally travel to some locations to handle the fallout from a name change. Also, you have to appear in court.

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"My time is invested into my kids, grandkids, family, friends, school, and work," Danielle says. "When I am not working or hanging with loved ones I am working on school stuff."

In other words, she does not have time for yet another name change.

"The third thing I want to address," Danielle writes. "Is when Mohamed said I needed to see a doctor for hyigene issues and a medical condition."

Oh, that would be discussing her alleged genital odor, which was said to be so unpleasant that many felt that Mohamed was accusing Danielle of having an STI.

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She wants people to know that any odor between her legs does not come from a lack of washing.

"I am in the medical field and I take a shower every day," Danielle says. "Because in this line of work you don’t know what you can bring home on your clothes or uniform."

You actually do not need to explain why you shower every day! Most of us do so and also assume that everyone else does.

"First I have found out within the past year that it," Danielle writes of the rumor. "Was started by a fan who befriended Mohamed and I both."

Danielle confesses: "I had let her into my facebook because I thought she was a true friend but later on found out after the fact she was not."

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Why … would anyone ever allow someone else who is not a paid social media manager to go through their social media account? Yikes.

"She took screenshots of private conversations," Danielle alleges. "And passed them around."

Not cool.

‘Mohamed also knows about the time he said these things," she says. "I was having issues with my periods and eventually had a biopsy that he took me to."

Oh dear!

"And later on," Danielle reveals. "I had a surgical procedure done that my daughters were there for me."

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"The last thing I want to address is the What Now episodes where I drove to Maryland to meet a guy named Nelson," she writes.

"First of all, I have friends in Maryland that I go see every so often, I see these friends on particular trips also," Danielle explains.

"And Maryland is like my second home. Nelson and I started talking last summer for several months," Danielle reveals. 

"And one of my trips to Maryland I actually met up with him for 30 minutes and we had agreed next time I came back we would go out on a date."

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"The next time on my way to Maryland, I had texted Nelson to let him know I was on my way," she writes.

"And he wanted to come to my hotel room at 2am when I arrived after being up since 6am and driving six hours," Danielle says. "And I told him no, he can wait till our next date on Sunday."

This did not go over well.

"He got mad," Danielle says. "Because I would not let him come to my hotel room and stood me up."

It sounds like she dodged another bullet with that dude.

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"I am happy in my life and living my life for me," Danielle writes. "And not fans of the show."

In other words, she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

"I am in college getting ready to finish my classes and starting my fall classes the end of August," she shares. "I work with mentally handicapped adults and I have a second job as a home health aide."

She also provides an update on her family.

"My daughters are all doing very well," Danielle announces.

"My oldest daughter attends college and works. My middle daughter is starting her senior year of high school and working. My youngest daughter will be a junior in high school."

"They have friends and boyfriends," Danielle shares. "And most of the time their friends and boyfriends are at our house."

That is so sweet.

"My son is engaged to the mother of his children," Danielle reminds fans. "And they are excepting another baby in October."

In case you had forgotten, Danielle is a grandmother.

‘I never claimed to be perfect," Danielle writes. "And I am still learning in this life."

We all are, Danielle.