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One of the most hyped events to go down on The Single Life‘s premiere season was a bittersweet reunion.

For the first time since their bitter divorce, Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali met face-to-face.

Their outrageous drama helped put 90 Day Fiance on the map, and it was unclear what their reunion would be like.

Now, Danielle says that there was a lot more to it than what viewers have seen.

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Danielle Mullins Jbali spoke to Us Weekly about how things stand with her ex.

“I think that we’re better off as friends,” Danielle opined.

“We’re very supportive of each other," she noted, "and we’re just better off as friends."

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"I mean, he’s supportive of my schooling and I’m supportive of his job," Danielle affirmed.

"I think what helps me to communicate with Mohammed," she speculated.

Danielle explained "is my dad used to be a truck driver and I talked to him about his trucking job.”

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“That first conversation, I felt like I got some of the closure that I needed,” Danielle expressed.

“But then when we had the second conversation via zoom," she noted.

Danielle added: "I definitely got more of the closure that I needed."

Danielle Mullins for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

Danielle emphasized: "I felt much better after the second conversation.”

She suggested that the publicity of their relationship had hurt their marraige.

For that reason, Danielle said that they have “kept people out of our friendship, and we keep everything between me and him.”

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On screen, Mohamed seemed to balk at the idea of giving a full, unguarded apology.

However, Danielle says that she has "gotten the apology," but that it was not on camera.

It sounds like Mohamed’s pride may have gotten in the way to some degree.

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Meanwhile, their new friendship has stunned but delighted her.

“I never thought that it would happen," Danielle acknowledged.

"But," she observed, "he’s [grown] over the years."

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"He’s in his 30s now," Danielle noted.

She added: "you know, they say guys mature later."

Famously, the massive age gap between the two of them raised eyebrows and red flags during their engagement.

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“So, I think he’s matured a lot over the years," Danielle suggested.

She added that he has done this "after being out on his own and having things happen to him."

"And," Danielle said, "he’s realized that I was a good person and that I did a lot for him and took him that long to realize it.”

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Danielle shared that she’s sure that Mohammed "genuinely" seeks her friendship now.

Her reasoning is a little cynical but makes sense.

At present, Mohamed doesn’t "need anything from me," Danielle pointed out.

Danielle Mullins for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

Danielle emphasized that her kids are "okay" with this friendship.

Mohamed and Danielle’s youngest had a special bond.

So she added that Mohamed is "always asking about her" when they speak multiple times per week.

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Danielle also emphasized that she would be "okay" with Mohamed moving on romantically.

“I mean he deserves to be happy too," she pointed out.

"But," Danielle suggested, "I think right now he’s just too busy with truck driving."