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Weeks ago, Discovery Plus teased the new spinoff, 90 Day: The Single Life.

On that teaser, fans caught up with Danielle Mullins Jbali, now years after her divorce.

She and Mohamed Jbali hadn’t seen each other since the end of their toxic marriage.

But on this week’s episode, Danielle braced herself to see him again — the man she loved and hasn’t gotten over.

Danielle Mullins for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

90 Day: The SIngle Life is here at last!

This week, Discovery Plus subscribers followed Danielle as she caught fans up on her life.

And, of course, she offered viewers a refresher on how she got to where she is.

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins, Wedding Day

The Ohio denizen met and fell in love with Mohamed Jbali, a much-younger Tunisian man, online six years ago.

Despite their age gap, their different nationalities, their almost comical height difference, and a host of other factors, the two were married.

That, of course, was where everything went downhill.

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Danielle accused Mohamed of cheating on her, as he would hang out with "friends" and she would see photos of him with mystery women.

Things were only worsened by his apparent reluctance to have sex with her.

Danielle became so enraged by this situation that she lashed out with serious threats to try to get him deported.

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Meanwhile, Mohamed accused Danielle of stealing from him and committing fraud.

Most infamously, however, he alleged that she had some sort of unpleasant body odor — genital odor, specifically.

This was a humiliating moment.

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Some fans were divided — many feeling sorry for Danielle, but no small number feeling sorry for Mohamed.

Others took a more nuanced view of the toxic couple, seeing them both as users and villains.

Danielle, they argued, used Mohamed for sex (or she tried to), while Mohamed used Danielle to come to the US.

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In 2017, Danielle and Mohamed divorced … and to call it bitter was an understatement.

Mohamed vanished for a time only to resurface in different cities, seemingly avoiding Danielle’s efforts to divorce him.

Meanwhile, Danielle pushed to have the marriage annulled to have him deported — but could not, since they had consummated their marriage (only once).

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Now, Danielle shares that she has dated and tried to move on … but her rebounds have not worked out.

It’s been three years (when this was filmed, anyway) since the divorce, but she’s still hung up on it.

It’s not just Mohamed — she’s mourning her marriage. But yeah, part of it is that some part of her will always love Mohamed.

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In early 2020, Mohamed stunned Danielle by reaching out to her.

The two had a pleasant conversation and caught up with each other. At the time, Mohamed was working as a truck driver.

Months later, she received another message, when Mohamed wrote: "I’m in Ohio. How are you?"

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“I don’t feel totally comfortable," Danielle admitted to the camera.

She explained "because it took me forever to get over the anger and the sadness and the depression that he caused me when he left."

"If those feelings came back now," Danielle expressed, "I would have to restart over on rebuilding my life."

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Danielle admitted that she was beyond nervous to meet up with him.

However, the two of them did agree to meet up with him at a local restaurant the next day.

(A restaurant would have been my last choice of a meeting spot amidst this deadly pandemic, but apparently some people are just going out to eat?)

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“Seeing Mohamed is going to be hard," Danielle acknowledged to the camera.

"I loved him but I also felt betrayed by him," she expressed.

"The scary part about going to see him," Danielle shared, "is I don’t know if I’m gonna have the anger side or the side that loved him."

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“I truly loved Mohamed," she affirmed.

"But," she explained, "I am doing this for myself right now because I can’t move on and find someone else until I get closure. I want closure."

Danielle emphasized: "That’s the big thing. I want closure.” Specifically, she wanted an apology.

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“I’ve managed to move on and forget the anger," Danielle reflected.

She continued: "but I’ve been through so much with Mohamed and I’m a little bit worried that romantic feelings will come back."

Danielle had this fear: "because deep down, I will always care about Mohamed.”

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Though the set-up is all there, it looks like we will have to wait until next week to see their reunion.

Honestly? This could go a lot of ways, but we get the feeling that it will be mostly positive.

Fans would like closure here almost as much as these two would.