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Things have been getting serious between Molly Hopkins and her new man, Kelly.

Part of Molly’s journey on The Single Life included some suspicions about his past.

Now, she is explaining why she chose to confront Kelly over whether he had a secret baby with an ex.

Molly is the first to admit that what she did was messy AF.

On The Single Life, Molly Hopkins was grapplign with real insecurities over Kelly’s past.

Looking up his ex out of curiosity, she saw a small child who looked way too much like Kelly.

Did he have a secret kid? What if even Kelly himself didn’t know?

That is why she brought it up to Kelly, she tells Us Weekly in a recetn interview.

But she says that she "absolutely" did not consider contacting Kelly’s ex directly.

"I’m not that messy," Molly explained.

"What I did was messy," Molly acknowledged.

She continued "and ‘You need to have this convo.’"

"But then, there’s that backside of me that’s like, ‘What if you don’t know? And what if something happened?’” Molly explained.

Photo via TLC

Molly recalled thinking: “’What if there was a situation that somebody needed a kidney or some blood or you gotta have the DNA?’"

"I don’t know how that works out," she hastily admitted.

Molly emphasized: "I’m certainly not a doctor.”

Molly thought back: “At that point, 10,000 things were going through my head."

She shared: “First of all, I’m like, ‘He’s going to dump me.’"

Molly added: "And then I thought, ‘Wow, this is a really stupid cop.’"

"He’s a detective. He’s a super sleuth," Molly described.

"Sure, the super sleuth is this Marvel comic-loving, crazy zany Anime-watching, historical sword collector, you know?" she said.

"So that’s part of the attraction, I think, is that he loves superheroes and he’s a superhero in the streets kind of," Molly added.

Police are not superheroes.

"So I thought he would surely know," Molly continued.

"But I mean, [it] happens every day where people don’t know totally," she added.

Molly explained why she did the snooping in the first place.

FIrst, she observed, "he has been very private" about his past relationships.

But also, Molly admitted, she "wanted to see if he had a type."

She couldn’t help but notice that the first pic of his ex’s daughter was posted "pretty much around the same timeline that they were dating."

“The thing for me was the photo," Molly recalled.

"Not that people can’t have uncanny similarities to other people," she allowed.

"But when the picture popped up, I was like, ‘What, is this him?’” Molly described.

“It was very difficult for me [to ask him] because I didn’t want to be that person," she acknowledged.

"But I’m very honest and I’m very open," Molly said, "and I didn’t want to try to hide anything.”

“I do know this — if he knew and if it was," Molly shared in the interview.

She explained: "because of the way that he has reacted with my own child and the interaction that he has."

Molly concluded: "I mean, he would have never abandoned the situation.” That’s good to hear!