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If you’re feeling low and need to witness something beautiful, then I invite you to watch this video.

Earlier this week, Daniel Franzese, whom many will remember as Damien from Mean Girls, decided to propose to his boyfriend, Joseph Bradley Philips at the North Hollywood Starbucks where they first met two years ago.

With the help of friends and a few baristas, Franzese was able to catch Phillips completely by surprise.

When their drink was called, the barista announced," I’ve got an iced cold brew with coconut for Mr. & Mr Franzese."

Unfortunately, Phillips was distracted and didn’t hear the barista.

Thankfully, things got creative behind the coffee bar, and she then asked Phillips if he wanted to try a new drink, which came in a tall cup.

"I think you will love it for the rest of your life," another pretty said barista said.  

When Phillips opened the cover of the cup, he was speechless.

So, Franzese reached into the cup and asked him a very important question (first he made a superb declaration of love).

"Since I first met you here at this spot, you opened your heart to me.  And I swear to God and my Lord that I will protect that heart for the rest of my life.

"Will you marry me?"

Phillips covered his face and nodded his head, at which point Franzese put a ring on it.

The newly affianced couple then kissed as the Starbucks erupted in applause.

"Thank you ??@gavinglaze and ?@laprbtch ☕️Mercedes at @starbucks for making this this most memorable moment of our lives," Frazese wrote after.

"We are so grateful for your friendships and talents."

"My dreams have become my reality and my reality My dreams," Phillips posted on social media.

"I love you now and beyond the extent of an eternal forever. Ladies and gents were officially getting married! Thank you to every one who emerged this day for me to the surface. I love you guys!

"Baby were engaged!!!!"