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We’ve seen our fair number of parenting fails over the the years.

Cases in point:

Most of these examples, however, involve parents ignoring their children or caring very little about their children or just generally being dumb and insensitive and irresponsible.

That is not the case in the following video, however.

It features a dad who is trying very hard to get into the playful spirit.

He’s got his shirt off. He’s got his bathing suit on.

He’s ready to go down the slide!

There’s just one problem, however: the slide is not ready for him.

Neither is the deck below the slide.

Because when this brave man gets up on the slide and then starts to actually slide down the slide… well… you’ve got to see what happens.

No one is injured in the accident and everyone, father included, finds it very funny.

So it’s okay: go ahead and laugh! We sure did…