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Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn is VH1’s latest evidence that famous people are just as effed-up as the rest of us (if not more so!), and they rounded up quite the cast to prove their point.

There are Lohans, and Teen Moms, and Z-listers, oh my!

But the messy celeb that’s attracting the most attention online is former Jackass star Bam Margera.

Margera has made some unfortunate headlines in recent months, such as when he was knocked out during a brutal fight in Iceland last year.

So we suspected all was not well in Bam Land, but we had no idea things had gotten this bad.

It turns out Margera has been struggling with severe addiction issues, and his mother, April, encouraged him to do the show 

Early in the show’s run, Bam revealed that he had snuck booze into the therapy house

Shocking stuff, but still not as bad as his decision to make friends with Michael Lohan. (Just kidding, MiLo!)

Anyway, on last night’s episode, Bam and April were joined by his dad, Phil Margera, whom Jackass fans might remember from his many years of being awesome.

Before seeing the clip below, we wouldn’t have imagined that Phil has a serious side, but it’s on display here.

Actually, Phil is still smiling throughout his session, but you can tell he doesn’t joke around about his son’s alcoholism.

Despite Phil’s size and the fact that he’s a retired pro wrestler, it seems even he won’t mess with his son when Bam’s been drinking.

April previously revealed that Bam’s destructive behavior isn’t limited to onscreen stunts, and he frequently destroys his parents’ property when he’s been drinking.

Thankfully, sources say Bam has now been sober for several months.

Check out the clip below for all the feels:

Bam Margera's Parents: We're Afraid of Him When He's Drunk!