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In case you were wondering what ever happened to John Wayne Bobbit, we’re happy to report that he’s alive and well, and so is his penis.

Photo via The Steve Harvey Show

Bobbitt, who gained notoriety in the 90s after his wife Lorena sliced off his manhood with a kitchen knife, has reemerged to tell the tale of junk lost – and regained – to Steve Harvey.

After the assault, doctors were able to reattach Bobbitt’s johnson, and he went on to star in cleverly-named pornos like John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut and Frankenpenis

As a guest on Harvey’s "Where Are They Now?" series, Bobbitt recounts what happened after the 10 1/2-hour surgery.

After staying in the hospital for three weeks, he said he was worried that his newly repaired little John might not "work," or worse, fall off.

However, after three days, he remembers getting a "partial erection" and was so ecstatic, he called his mom.

"I called my mom," he told a stunned Harvey. "I called the hotel where my parents were and told her, ‘Mom, I got an erection.’"

After rapper Andre Johnson severed his own penis in a suicide attempt back in 2014, Bobbitt explained that in his own case, he put his appendage on ice to preserve the tissue, which was key to his recovery.

But after the resurrection (wow, that worked out perfectly), and the success of his adult films, Bobbitt got a little peen greedy.

He said he underwent an penile enlargement, funded by shock jock Howard Stern, but sadly learned the downside of wielding a ballistic missile between your legs.

"I think I need a reduction," he said.

"I did some adult films and Howard Stern volunteered to pay for an augmentation," Bobbit explained.

"So I did an augmentation before the next film, and he filmed the augmentation for his E! channel."

We’re guessing "Bobbitt knob job" just went up in Google searches.