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Yesterday, footage that appeared to show Peter Thomas cheating on Cynthia Bailey made the rounds online. 

The evidence was pretty damning and it looked as though Thomas – owner of Atlanta hotspot Bar None – was getting awfully cozy with a much younger waitress who seemed to be one of his employees.

Today, Bailey sat down with some Atlanta-area radio hosts and offered a surprisingly candid account of her reaction to her husband being caught in the act.

You know, when I saw the video I thought it was inappropriate," Bailey said. "I don’t know if it’s grounds for divorce, but… I’m not going to set his clothes on fire, but we’re going to talk about some things.”

“I’m going to need him to be a little more careful with who he’s kissing on or looking like he’s kissing on or putting his hands on the neck or grazing their breast. The neck thing was definitely a little weird.”

A little weird indeed. Check out the video above for more of Cynthia’s thoughts on the matter.