Courtney Stodden: Her Christmas Music Video is FILTHY!

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Don't you just love Courtney Stodden?

Come on, the girl is absolutely gorgeous, she's fun, she's funny, and, not for nothing, she's got an insane body and she's ready and willing to show it off at any given opportunity.

What's not to love?

But if you still insist on being an old grinch about it, then just watch his adorable (but still very suggestive) music video she just released for her new song, "Mistletoe Bikini."

Watch it, listen to it, and let your very heart and soul be filled with love, light, and the holiday spirit.

Courtney Stodden on a Red Carpet

About the song, Courtney has said that it's "about how I've always had a crush on Santa Claus ever since I was a little girl."

Oh, girl, you would, wouldn't you?

"The song is about my crush and, you know, maybe a little later in the video we have an affair behind Mrs. Claus' back. It's fun and it's really catchy."

And you know what? It is really catchy!

It's a fun little song -- Courtney, believe it or not, actually has talent beyond just looking hot -- that's only made better by, you know, boobs.

Go ahead and check out Courtney's super racy new video below:

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