Courtney Stodden Gives "Bernie Sanders" a Lap Dance in Hilarious Instagram Video

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He may be struggling with minorities and establishment voters, but Bernie Sanders has the "Internet-famous women who are mostly known for their giant boobs" vote wrapped up.

First Emily Ratajkowski endorsed Sanders and began actively singing the candidate's praises on her Instagram page.

Now, Courtney Stodden has taken things a step further with her Weird Al-esque song parody, "Talk Bernie to Me."

Thankfully, Courtney doesn't do too much singing in this one. (Remember when Courtney wanted to be a singer? It's probably better if you forget that.)

What she does instead is rub her cartoonishly ginormous boobs over a facsimile of Senator Sanders.

Say what you will about Ms. Stodden, the woman knows how to use her assets to send a message.

Earlier this week, Courtney got naked in honor of Kim Kardashian, and now she's using her boobs to let us know she's feeling the Bern.

Yes, it's breasts, politics, and social media all in one video. This thing couldn't be anymore American if Courtney were juggling apple pies and rocking an Uncle Sam beard.

Come to think of it, we imagine Sanders is actually quite popular amongst strippers.

He's all about free state and community college, and anyone who's been to a gentleman's club knows those girls are all paying their way through school.

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