Jill Duggar Bribes Son With Candy, Gets Slammed By Critics

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Not a week goes by without Jill Duggar getting slammed for her parenting methods by people who seem to detest her, yet continue to follow her on social media.

It's a curious phenomenon made all the more curious by the fact that Jill gets roasted even when she's demonstrating top-notch parenting skills.

Jill, Son

Case in point, Jill is homeschooling her kids, and it seems that even in summer (and even though her eldest is only 3), she remains committed to teaching them the basics at a young age.

And she's not just winging it or relying on her own maternal instincts.

As evidenced by the video above, Jill has done her research.

She admits she's no expert, but says she'd like to share her experiences with a handful of educational tools for the benefit of other parents who might be homeschooling their kids.

And naturally, this led to Jill being roasted so hard the Duggars opted to disable comments on her latest YouTube video.

Jill Duggar and Son

"I'm no professional at all but this is just what we've enjoyed and Israel loves school right now, so we're trying to just keep him busy with that," Jill said in the clip that apparently left some fans in a seething rage. 

"And it's fun," she added.

Seems innocent enough, but fans went off on Jill for everything from keeping her child out of school to using candy as an incentive.

Look, we know for some people the Duggars can do no right and their first instinct when they see any member of the family is to start hurling criticism.

It's understandable, but it's still dumb as hell.

At times like this, it's important to remember the family's scandalous history, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

Jill Duggar Rocks Swimwear

Yes, Josh Duggar is a molester and Jim Bob and Michelle might be cult leaders, it's true.

We bring that up only to highlight the ways in which Jill and her sisters are victims.

We're not always successful, but even when we side-eye the Duggar girls' behavior (whihc is very often), we try to keep that in mind.

At best, the Duggar kids are sheltered, and at worst, they're traumatized.

Something to keep in mind next time you feel like raking one of them over the coals for giving their kids candy.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV's most controversial family.

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