Colt Johnson Spills TMI to Debbie on 90 Day Fiance: Jess is SO Loud in Bed!

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Last time on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Colt and Debbie arrived in Brazil to meet their third wheel, Colt's girlfriend.

As Debbie recovers from her minor breakdown, Colt decides to unload TMI details about his sex life. Debbie literally didn't ask.

Debbie Johnson Wonders Where Her Son Went

In this sneak peek of the new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Debbie is eating breakfast on her hotel balcony.

She is still recovering from a very full day before, one that ended with her panicking and needing to go rest.

After the way that Jess and Colt discussed the idea of their future togeher and even the potential names of their kids, who could blame her?

Colt Johnson Joins Debbie Johnson at Breakfast

Debbie asks Colt where he was the night before, describing having woken up in the hotel room and not found them.

Colt explains that he rented a room just for him and Jess.

Just to clarify, their hotel room had two rooms, but he and Jess clearly wanted more privacy.

Colt Johnson Makes Small Talk in Brazil

We then see Debbie explain to the camera that they had flown for over 15 hours the day before.

Debbie, who had never before left the United States, found the lengthy journey to be overwhelming.

"And," she admits on camera, "I kind of had a meltdown."

Debbie Johnson - name card in Brazil

Well, Debbie, you did invite yourself on your son's romantic vacation. That can happen.

(That said, this may have been production's idea, so we'll cut her some slack)

Colt couldn't help but notice Debbie's breakfast.

Debbie Johnson - breakfast in brazil

Debbie praises the meal, which includes sliced fruit and more.

Colt asks what one fruit is (guava), and Debbie answers and offers him some.

This leads to this moment of Debbie feeding her able-bodied adult son.

Debbie Johnson Feeds Colt Johnson Breakfast

In context, we get it, Debbie was the one with the fork.

Out of context ... this snapshot of them is illustrative of why many fans believe that the two should appear on Smothered.

Moving on, Debbie wants to hear from home.

Debbie Johnson - have you heard from Vanessa about the cats

Colt's "friend" Vanessa is cat-sitting for them, so Debbie asks if Colt has gotten any updates from her.

He reveals that he has not contacted her yet.

Debbie tells him that he should, because she wants to hear how the kitties are doing.

Debbie Johnson - text Vanessa and find out how the kitties are doing

Colt promises to reach out to Vanessa later to see how she and the cats are doing.

Notably, Jess is very jealous of Vanessa -- whom Colt met during his marriage to Larissa.

So it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

Debbie Johnson Watches Her Son Eat

Meanwhile, Debbie tells Colt that it was thoughtful of him to rent his own room.

After all, she says with slight humor, she would rather sleep soundly than hear what he and Jess might be up to.

Colt chooses this moment to happily inform his mother that his girlfriend is very loud and vocal during sex.

Colt Johnson Shares Too Much Information

Colt has this look on his face when he says something that he hopes will play well for the cameras, and he's wearing it now.

Debbie in no way needed to know that, and she says as much.

TMI, dude.

Debbie Johnson Did Not Need to Know That, Colt

We will say that they two of them do laugh a little, showing that their relationship can weather some TMI and also that they are both aware of the cameras.

People act differently on camera and they both know it.

Presumably, Colt would not be oversharing if he didn't think that it would be a good moment for the show's "just cut the umbilical cord already" storyline.

Debbie Johnson Accepts Reality

Debbie does express to Colt that it felt premature and overwhelming for her to hear the two of them discuss their future.

Colt has known Jess for "a while," he says, but Debbie counters "not long enough."

It sounds like she is asking Colt to tap the brakes on this relationship.

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