Biniyam Shibre Wedding Video Shows Marriage to FIRST Wife, Bria!

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On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, we have all watched Biniyam Shibre try to please Ariela Weinberg and her mother, Janice.

He has been honest about his past, including having previously married an American. But you can now watch that wedding for yourself!

Biniyam Shibre Kisses Bria, His Previous Wife

From the start, viewers knew that Biniyam had previously gotten with an American woman.

Her name was Bria. We knew that he had married her, that she had his child, and that they had broken up.

This video, however, shows the sweet memories of Biniyam's previous wedding.

Biniyam Shibre Marries Bria in 2017

Bria is from Iowa. Like Ariela, she met Biniyam, fell head over heels for the Ethiopian hottie, and got pregnant.

Just like Ariela, Bria had planned to return to Ethiopia to give birth -- but she was actually unable to.

Her doctors found a rare birth defect, so Bria had to remain in the US to give birth.

Biniyam Shibre Kisses Bria with Lens Flare

Biniyam tried and failed to get a visa, at which point Bria's family launched a campaign.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter of support, but that did not prevent Biniyam from being denied a visa.

US Representative Dave Loebsack was able to secure humanitarian parole for Biniyam, a process both complicated and rushed.

Biniyam and Bria silhouettes

Biniyam was ultimatley able to be in Iowa to witness the birth of his son.

It appears that this was in early February in 2017.

Five months later, Biniyam and Bria held their wedding in New London, Iowa -- and that is what is depicted in the video.

Biniyam Shibre Displays His Athleticism

The ceremony took place at a Christian church, one that is featured along with Iowa's conspicuously flat terrain multiple times in the video.

In addition to the formal ceremony, Bria and Biniyam performed a fully choreographed Dirty Dancing inspired fist dance.

Biniyam was able to put not only his impressive torso on display at the time, but also his athleticism, as his part of the dance featured lifts and flips.

Biniyam Shibre Lifts Bria Into the Air

The wedding video is available on YouTube, where it sat idly until it was discovered by 90 Day Fiance bloggers and fans.

Thirsty fans of course enjoyed watching Biniyam's display. Ariela and Bria's pregnancies are not exactly a mystery, folks.

Others noted that we actually get a glimpse of Biniyam's son in the video. So cute!

Bria and Son of Biniyam Shibre

Eventually, as we know, Biniyam's relationship with Bria fell apart.

We cannot claim to know the story of how their marriage ended. It's not like they were filming for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

(That question mark in the title does a lot of heavy lifting for the whole show)

Biniyam Shibre Buys Flowers

With Biniyam's struggles to come to Iowa in mind, it is easy to understand how anxious he was before Ariela's arrival.

Last time, a birth defect threw a wrench into his plans. 

This time, so far, things are going more smoothly ... but he has yet to provide Ariela with a safe, acceptable residence.

Biniyam and Ariela at the temporary hovel

Ariela's current house is literally falling apart in places.

The bathroom looks appalling and lacks real indoor plumbing, relying upon standing water.

The kitchen, such as it is, appears to be a dimly lit room with two hot plates and no refrigerator.

Biniyam is afraid Ariela will leave if she doesn't like the new apartment

Some fans think that Ariela and Janice are being unfair by expecting Biniyam to conjure a modern home in an impoverished area.

Others believe that they are dragging things out for drama, possibly for fame or to educate fans, and that there was never a real chance of Ariela staying at either apartment.

We don't know the truth. But we hope that Ariela can avoid any infections before or after her pregnancy, obviously.

Ariela and Biniyam for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

As we have mentioned in the past, this is not Biniyam's fault or Ethiopia's fault.

Centuries of European colonialism stripped many places in Africa of their resources, exploiting both the land and its people.

At any rate, as much as we enjoyed seeing Biniyam's wedding video, it has to be a little weird for Ariela that it exists, right?

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