Chrissy Teigen Slips a Nip, Reacts Just Like Chrissy Teigen

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Thanks to an astute and/or overly curious Super Bowl viewer on Sunday night, Chrissy Teigen suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Kind of. Sort of.

But only if you were to look really hard for it.

Chrissy Teigen in Houston

The model was relaxing in a suite at NRG Stadium in Houston when cameras zoomed in on her and husband John Legend.

Teigen was not wearing a bra under a fishnet keyhole top and brown duster jacket for the big game, meaning her nipple was showing through just a little bit.

A very, VERY little bit.

But that was all it took for one Twitter user to zoom in on Teigen's semi-exposed chest and to then share the small nip slip online.

Naturally, because men loves boobs, the video quickly went viral, racking up over a million views in just a few hours.

When word of the video reached Teigen, she reacted in typically awesome and relaxed Chrissy Teigen manner, simply Tweeting:

"boom goes the dynamite."

Yup. That was it.

Imagine if Janet Jackson had responded in similar fashion back in 2004. Perhaps NippleGate could have been avoided.

Okay, probably not.

Check out the the second most viral moment from a stadium suite (second only to Gisele going bonkers, of course) from last night's Super Bowl below:

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