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Celebrity gossip followers have had plenty of opportunities to react in shock and outrage over a number of recent break-ups.

What, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have divorced?!? Wait, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are over?!?

But no reaction anyone has ever had over the end of a relationship can match the meltdown featured here.

The following video features a 24-year old woman in China who just got dumped on WeChat… in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

She responds by falling to the ground in tears and shrieks, screaming such exclamations (according to various translations) as:

“God, save me! I don’t want to live anymore! My heart is here! My soul is at home! My lover is at home!"

We do feel bad for the young lady and we hope she’s recovered by now. There are plenty of fish in the sea, in case she has no heard…

But not may videos such as this.