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Sometimes, it’s tough to predict what the Internet will go nuts over.

Today, it’s people getting busted cheating on their spouses.

First we had the Ashley Madison hack that could literally result in millions of divorces, and now we have the weird breakup of this Texas couple, that the man chose to videotape for some reason.

Little is known about the backstory but it seems the woman (Bianca) was busted cheating on the dude, so he had her close her eyes for what she thought was a birthday surprise and, well…just watch the video.

For some reason, this thing is positively blowing up on YouTube (over half a million views in two days), and we can only assume it’s because a lot of cuckolded folks out there can relate.

So if you’ve recently been cheated on, click play and enjoy a bit of vicarious revenge. If you haven’t, just watch and marvel at the weird crap that goes viral these days.