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Cats are not dolphins.

Nor are they dogs.

We mean no offense to these creatures, but they simply aren’t known as the smartest animals in the animal kingdom.

But the cat featured in the following video takes one look at Donald Trump and is keen enough to do what every voter in America ought to do:

Cat Sees Donald Trump

Run away in fear.

The footage was filmed in April, but it has first gone viral now.

And for good reason: It’s hilarious!

Is the cat scared because Trump may have called for Hillary Clinton to be killed?

Is the cat scared because Trump willfully accepted a Purple Heart on stage, despite having avoided combat back in the day?

Because he seemingly hates babies?

Photo via The New York Daily News

It’s hard to say.

There are any number of reasons why a person, or an animal, should turn in the opposite direction any time Trump is around.

If only several million people in America reacted to Trump in this same fashion, huh?

Watch the hilarious video now: