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Over the weekend, Offset shared a nude pic of Cardi B that turned heads everywhere. 

But Cardi has raised the stakes with a steamy PDA video of her and Offset.

This video has fans asking — did Cardi record herself while Offset was performing a sex act on her? Take a look …

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Remember how Cardi B was counting down the days until she can bang Offset again?

After all, she has to heal after childbirth.

Based upon the numbers she gave at the time and our math, that deadline appears to have arrived, and she took to her Instagram stories to brag about it.

Cardi shared some very affectionate PDA with Offset in a video captioned: "When that 6 weeks up."

The PDA is so intense (keep in mind that our .gif here is cropped a little) that fans believed that her freshly healed vagina was getting fingered.

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Cardi’s name trended on Twitter and everyone discussed her. It’s a whole thing. But Cardi tweeted to try to clear things up.

"I wasn’t getting fingered," Cardi protests. "I had LEATHER SHORTS ON."

Though Offset’s handers were wandering in the video, tey really don’t seem to insert themselves anywhere. Cardi wasn’t done, though.

Cardi could not resist adding: "…. but i wish i was :/"

"I was very very horny," Cardi admits.

That is a refreshing level of honesty that most of us haven’t heard since we were middle schoolers. It’s also, you know, pretty hilarious.

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Cardi noticed something about the reaction to her video.

"You wanna know what sooo funny?" Cardi tweeted. "I don’t see my fans complaining about the instasnap."

"All i see is other artists stans mad at it," Cardi points out. "Like why ?"

She has a point — a lot of people who were condemning Cardi were Nicki Minaj stans in particular. (Stans, of course, are particularly diehard fans)

"Why ya so worried?" Cardi asks. "Worry about your fav artists don’t worry about Cardi!"

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Cardi also shared the stats on her Instagram stories as a callout.

"Ya nasty," Cardi playfully accuses on Twitter. "Ya say ya don’t want to see it but ya really wanna see it."

She shows that millions of people checked out her Instagram stories.

We are meant to conclude that this is more people than usual, and that the promise of seeing her PDA video drew in people.

We don’t doubt that for a moment.

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Believe it or not, this is not the first tim that what fans believe to be a Cardi B sex tape has shown up on Instagram.

Just like last time, she says that she was clothed and that Offset was not slipping anything to her.

But can you blame fans for jumping to conclusions when they see her salacious content?

Other rappers like Boonk Gang have posted sex tapes to Instagram, sex tapes that the viewers can never, ever unsee, so it’s not like it’s unprecedented.

Is Cardi just so sexy that people can’t resist imagining that her life is a little sexier than she is? Or is she trolling her fans?