Boonk Gang: Rapper Posts Own Sex Tapes, Gets Banned From Instagram

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You know how Instagram doesn't allow women's nipples? It's also not a huge fan of graphic videos of sexual intercourse.

But that is just what rapper Boonk Gang decided to post. To his Instagram stories.

Yes, his Instagram has been deleted. But obviously, the videos that he shared will live forever on the internet.

Boonk Gang

Though we have a number of images, including a .gif for you below, we cannot actually show you the full video of Boonk Gang taking a woman to pound town.

You're welcome.

We have, however, seen the videos. We are burdened with this terrible knowledge.

As his Instagram Stories begin, his is performing oral sex on an unidentified woman.

In the next video that he shares, he and this woman are performing oral sex on each other in a sixty-nine.

Then he is shown having venereal intercourse with this woman, which is followed by an image of his Twitter feed where he mentions enjoying sex.

Boonk Gang sex Tweet

"I like to have a lot of sex," Boonk Gang tweeted on Saturday.


It was on Sunday, July 1, that he decided to share so much of his sex life with his followers.

The series of Instagram stories ended with Boonk Gang recording himself as the woman performed oral sex on him.

We don't think that any of us necessarily needed to know what sorts of face journeys this particular rapper goes on during sex, but ... we know anyway.

Boonk Gang NSFW instagram Stories GIF

We cropped this pretty heavily. Again, you are welcome.

As we mentioned, Instagram absolutely deleted his account for obvious violations of their terms and service.

Instagram is not Snapchat.

In an apparent response, Boonk Gang has also uploaded a video of himself during a different sexual encounter with a different woman.

This video, which he posted on Twitter on Monday night, is still up as of Tuesday afternoon.

If you're thinking of checking it out, don't do so at work. Or around children. And be aware that the video is right there and does not have any sort of subtle introduction.

Boonk Gang NSFW Instagram Stories 02

Boonk Gang first rose to fame, not as a rapper, but as a social media star. His real name is John Robert Hill.

His initial claim to fame was a video of him stealing a box of chicken from Popeye's. He built his brand off of committing thefts like that.

About one year ago, in July of 2017, Boonk Gang was the victim of one of the internet's infamous "death hoaxes." He is still alive and kicking. Among other things.

As you might guess for a guy who got famous from stealing things, he has definitely been arrested. Multiple times.

The guy also followed in Kim Kardashian's footsteps -- he has his own video game. 

Boonk Gang: The Video Game came out in September of last year, and the player plays as Boonk while accumulating money and avoiding the police.


Boonk Gang NSFW Instagram Stories 01

We can only speculate as to what motivated Boonk Gang to sacrifice his Instagram to show a bunch of strangers video of him having quiet sex with a woman.

Given that all of his pranks (including literal crimes) are stunts to promote his rap career, this may be his intention.

But in the process, he's lost the Instagram account that allowed him to rise to fame in the first place.

Maybe he's shedding his old trappings and embracing a whole new approach to his career? No more stealing and a lot more sex?

Or maybe the dude just loves sex and has way too little impulse control.

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