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Ever since his previous cheating scandal, Offset has allegedly been on the straight and narrow. Cardi B has tried to "prove" it more than once.

Now, Offset was seemingly caught cheating again, but Cardi insists that he’s been loyal, and was just hacked.

Cardi B Listens Intently
(Entertainment Tonight)

It turns out that there are more connections between Cardi B and Tekashi69 than his accusing Cardi of being a violent gang member.

See, Jade, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, was allegedly one of the side pieces whom he was banging last year.

That was before Cardi unfortunately took back Offset out of a mistaken belief that Kulture needs to grow up around her cheating father.

Well, just days ago, it looked like Offset was once again barking up Jade’s tree.

Photo via BET

Jade took to Instagram herself to share a now-deleted video, which we have included here.

To show that it’s not a manipulation (which are easy to do), she films her phone as she opens her DMs and reveals a message.

The message, coming from Offset’s account, reads: "Miss U, FR."

That means "I miss you, for real." Is he looking to cheat again?

According to Cardi B, apparently Offset isn’t cheating at all.

Operating under the assumption that he would only cheat if things in their marriage were bad, she says that he has been faithful.

She has her own explanation that she has offered to fans for why Jade may have received such a message.

Cardi B claims that Offset’s Instagram was "hacked."

Cardi B and Offset Kiss

"Babe, I know you done some dumb s–t," Cardi acknowledged on social media.

She emphasized: "everybody know he’s done some dumb s–t."

"But c’mon, [n words] ain’t dumb, [n words] ain’t crazy,” Cardi insists.

Folks, stupidity was never a factor in cheating. People make mistakes when they’re horny.

Cardi B Grinds Against Offset on Stage

“We’ve been so good, we had a sweet weekend, life has been good,” Cardi insists.

She explains: “That’s why I ain’t getting no rowdy."

In other words, that’s why she’s convinced that Offset has not betrayed her again.

"Simple as that," Cardi says. "Okay, love you guys."

Cardi B and Offset: A Photo

"We look crazy," Cardi says at another time.

She adds: "don’t mind us y’all we both sick and just woke up "

"Anyways we not going to entertain bulls–t," Cardi insists.

Sure, but she will apparently believe whatever Offset tells her.

Cardi B and Offset Take a Walk

Cardi shared a video in which Offset and a friend appeared to repeatedly attempt to log into Offset’s Instagram, to no avail.

"Just woke up and we dealing with this s–t," Cardi announced to her followers.

In other words, they were selling the story that Offset was temporarily locked out of his Instagram account.

We’re sure that Cardi, at least, believes it.

Photo via BET

If we use Occam’s Razor for a moment, which seems to be more likely?

Did Offset slide into the DMs of a former sidepiece, get caught, and change his password to pretend that he was hacked?

Or did some deranged hacker log into Offset’s account for the purpose of hitting on another girl as Offset?

We don’t claim to know the absolute truth, but we can all employ basic reasoning. Cardi may want to try it, too.