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We’ve already reported on the winners at the 2019 BET Awards, but the real winners were those of us who watched Cardi B perform.

No, scratch that — the real winner was Offset, because of his role in her performance.

Cardi gave him a wild and tantalizing lapdance on stage and it was the best part of the night. Take a look:

Cardi at BET Awards

On Sunday, Cardi B made it very clear that she was nervous about her upcoming performance.

"Sooo I’m opening the show today," Cardi wrote to her fans and followers.

"And," she admitted. "My anxiety is killing me."

That is a great reminder that part of Cardi’s enduring popularity is that she is deeply relatable.

"Wish me luck guys," Cardi concluded, adding: "BET AWARDS!"

Photo via BET

Offset marched out onto the stage and performed.

Comparing Offset’s appeal and Cardi’s is … wildly unfair to Offset, so we’ll just skip right to Cardi’s appearance.

After Offset’s male dancers (and the cameras) provided a distraction, the men pull back.

We see Offset seated in a chair and receiving one hell of a lapdance from his gorgeous wife.

Now, it’s Cardi’s turn to perform, rapping and singing to the camera.

All the while, she’s sitting and grinding upon her husband.

Photo via BET

As you watch Cardi’s incredible skill as she performs, keep in mind that Cardi once did this professionally.

Now, she’s integrating those skills into a truly stunning performance.

The camera orbits as she straddles Offset, giving the audience a taste of what she’s offering up.

Then, she turns around and undulates her body in a sinuous motion while facing the audience.

The result is spectacular. Then, of course, she sings, and it’s a great performance. 

We’re sure that Offset, wherever he was at this point, was giving her a standing ovation.

Cardi B Grinds Against Offset on Stage

Cardi had a busy night, but she still made time to tweet — and even to respond to fans.

"Someone said Offset out-danced you," one fan tweeted at her.

The Twitter denizen used a pair of laughing emojis to correctly convey the absurdity of that comment.

Cardi replied, and she found a very on-brand way to sidestep having to insult her husband.

She quote-tweeted the fan’s words, writing: "But let’s see who going to K.O first after sex tonight tho ?"

Cardi kind of opened herself up to jokes about how she apparently used to drug and rob men, there.

However, she also tweeted about what a good night she was having despite her anxiety.

"I finally met taraji !!!!!!" Cardi exclaimed with glee. "The universe was trying to stop the link -___-"

She also gave the overall experience a glowing review.

"The @BET awards was so lit," Cardi announced. "Everybody turn the f–k up from Beginning to End."

Cardi B Listens Intently
Photo via Entertainment Tonight

Of course, not all of Cardi’s weekend was filled with fun … or filled with Offset.

See, a grand jury voted to indict her for that Cardi-beatdown she allegedly ordered against a pair of strippers she accused of hooking up with Offset.

It turns out that ordering your goons to attack a woman not once, but twice is a crime.

Cardi may be rich, but money can only go so far when it comes to getting a famously hot-tempered person out of trouble with the law.