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By now, you’ve undoubtedly read all about the attack on the U.S. Capitol that took place on January 6, 2021.

You’ve seen the images of domestic terrorits overrunning poliice on the grounds of this government building… taking over the officies of elected officials… and holding dangerous court in the chamber of Congress.

You’ve read about how they caused a lockdown and were responsible for the deaths of five people.

And you’ve understood that they did so because they were encouraged to do so by President Donald Trump and other Republicans.

Despite all the information that has been made public since this insurrection occurred, we can promise you the following:

You’ll still be shocked by what’s included in the video featured on this page.

It was filmed by the New Yorker war correspondent Luke Mogelson, who was covering the "Stop the Steal" rally, and it includes footage of these Trump supporters making both their motivations and their intentions more clear than ever.

It’s all downright chilling.

At one point, the traitors breach the aforementioned Chamber and you ca hear someone say in frustration asking about the Speaker of the House.

"Where the f*** is Nancy?" this person asks of Nancy Pelosi, whille someone else screams, "Where the f** are they?"

The violent group also yells here and there, "F*** you police" and "f*** the blue" as they enter the famous building.

These terrorists are all Trump voters, they make that evident; but they are on the premises in order to protest and/or injure members from both political parties.

"Start making a list, put all those names down and start hunting them down one by one," says on rioter.

Says another:

"Traitors get the guillotine."

Donald Trump Incites Violence

Someone named Jake Angeli, who has since been arrested, sits in Vice President Mike Pence’s chair and yells:

"Mike Pence is a f***ing traitor."

He then tries to act like the group’s leader, chanting, praying, and screaming obscenities.

He also asks someone to take a photo of him at Pence’s desk.

Donald Trump in the Shadows

In the nearly two weeks since this act of sedition, Trump has been banned from Twitter and Facebook and also gotten impeached for a second time.

He’s been charged with inciting the violence at the Capitol that day.

What will happen next with impeachment?

That’s a complicated, albeit vital, question.

Donald Trump Responds to Impeachment, Claims to Condemn Violence

What will happen next with the Americans who believe the election was stolen and that the incoming administration is illegitimate?

That’s a scary proposition to ponder.

More so than ever after you watch this video.

Brace yourself and do so now.