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On 90 Day Fiance Season 8, Episode 7, there were two central conflicts that just about stole the show.

The first was Brandon’s mother raging war against, well, any chance at happiness for Brandon and Julia.

The second was Natalie picking a cruel fight with Mike for reasons that no one, possibly including Natalie, could understand.

Episode 8, as you can see in this preview, will take things even further.

Stephanie flies during the pandemic to see her cougar cub, Ryan.

But things aren’t as blissful as she had imagined, and her insecurities over Ryan’s faithfulness are in full swing.

Meanwhile, Amira has made it back to France … and it looks like Andrew wants to try again.

Amira was just traumatized by her time in detention and is not looking to take any more risks.

Mike’s mother comes to visit, and Natalie seems to think that she can use his mom to get him to produce "her" ring.

Yara purchases a pregnancy test and has to go through this without Jovi by her side.

And finally, a visibly worse-for-wear Julia finally gives Brandon the ultimatum that he needs: she’s leaving that farm, and it’s up to Brandon whether it’s to their own place or to Russia.