Brittany Banks Twerks on Instagram: I Don't Give AF About Yazan!

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On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Yazan's brother has confirmed that his life is in danger because of his relationship.

That is why some fans are so livid with Brittany for her tantalizing booty display. Is she trying to make things worse?

Brittany Banks In Purple

"Perfect workout jumpsuit for my morning twerk out to jagged edge," Brittany Banks wrote on Instagram.

In the video post that she shared over the weekend, she added: "Idk why but jagged edge makes me twerk."

Though the post was an apparent product endorsement, all eyes were on the video itself -- which we have included in this post.

Brittany Banks twerks on IG 01 of 02

In the video, she does exactly as she describes: she twerks.

Twerking is a fascinating interaction of physics and biology, something that some people even find sexy.

Brittany is clearly skilled at the dance. Twerking is an art form, and she is an artist.

Brittany Banks twerks on IG 02 of 02

But some commenters were nothing short of furious with Brittany's display.

“Now I wonder why they wanted to kill Yazan,” one remarked.

Another commenter exclaimed: “So her man really gonna die now after his dad sees THIS."

Brittany Banks and Yazan Get Cute on Instagram

What these worried commenters are referring to is recent aspects of Brittany and Yazan's storyline.

Here in the latter half of Season 2 of The Other Way, Yazan has received threats.

It is feared that his family could inflict violence upon him if he does not break things off with Brittany.

Yazan Abo Horira father threatens to literally murder him

Though cameras recorded Yazan's father appearing to make a threat, translators online have cried foul at TLC.

They say that Yazan's father's words were an expression said in anger, equivalent to someone in English lamenting "I forgot to thaw the chicken; mom's going to kill me."

What Yazan's dad actually did was kick Yazan out of the house, rendering him temporarily homeless, and fire him from his job.

Obaida Abo Horira - the family is not accepting this situation

However, more recent statements from Obaida, Yazan's brother, make it apparent that some of Yazan's extended family have made more literal threats.

In fact, these seem to be the same individuals who have been raising a stink over Brittany's totally innocuous bikini photos.

These unseen malefactors are the same ones who worked up Yazan's dad into a frenzy in the first place.

Yazan Abo Horira dad - look at this! (lol)

Yazan's family's outrage is not representative of Jordan as a whole.

The nation of Jordan has bikinis, Instagram influencers, bars, legal alcohol, and more.

But Yazan's conservative family wants to keep Yazan firmly entrenched in their ways ... which means that they see Brittany as a threat.

Obaida Abo Horira - if she converts to Islam just to fool us, no

As Obaida explained to Brittany, there is no easy fix for this.

She cannot simply claim to convert to Islam to silence his family's threats.

Brittany is visibly devastated by the impact that Yazan's decision to be with her has had on his life.

Brittany Banks weeps as she hears the bad news

We mention all of this to explain why some commenters seem to believe that Brittany is being reckless with Yazan's safety.

But we should note that what we're now seeing was filmed so long ago that it's pre-pandemic, with no mention of COVID-19.

Since then, Brittany has dropped numerous hints that it's over, at one point writing and deleting a comment in which she said "I'm divorced."

Yazan Abo Horira and Brittany Banks, Deleted Photo

If Brittany and Yazan were still together, her decision to twerk might lead to him being in danger if he were back in Jordan and his family are truly willing to get violent.

But even then, that would be their fault, not Brittany's.

As it is, how much do they really care about what dance moves Yazan's ex-girlfriend does?

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