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The Duggars are interesting because … well, they’re interesting for a number of reasons, and pretty much none of them are good.

But one remarkable thing that we’re going to touch on today is that even though their whole thing is having oodles and oodles of kids, they’re really not all that great at raising them.

Sure, they’ve kept them alive, and they’re physically healthy for the most part.

But really they’ve failed their children in so, so many ways.

Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t do much of anything when they found out their oldest child, Josh, was molesting their younger daughters.

They denied all of the kids a real education, instead homeschooling them with weird Bible lessons, and they’ve really pushed their own agenda on them so that they’re all following in their "get married quick and have so many babies" footsteps.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Together

For example, Justin Duggar just turned 18 earlier this month, and he’s already engaged.

It’s just a lot to take in, the great big mess that is this family.

And that’s why it’s not even a little surprising that we’ve got yet another Duggar parenting fail to talk about today.

OK, so Jessa Duggar has three children: Spurgeon, who is five years old, Henry, who is 3, and little Ivy who had her first birthday back in May.

She recently shared a video of them building a fort with couch cushions, which is admittedly pretty cute.

The video focuses on Ivy, who is trying to talk to Jessa, but Spurgeon and Henry are sitting in the background, trying to sound of the words on the tag for the couch.

But then Henry pulls out a toy gun, points it at Ivy’s head, pulls the trigger and says "Bang!"

And that’s the part that some people are taking issue with.

As one person wrote in the comments, "Teaching your kids young that guns are toys is exactly how 91 Americans die from firearms every day. Gun violence is the second leading cause of death in children, aged 10-19 in the US."

This person shared more statistics about gun violence and children, but you get the gist.

Another point made was that "All it takes is an unlocked box for a kid to find a gun and pull the trigger … The point is that kids won’t associate something as harmful or dangerous is they get to use them for play."

"But can a 5-year-old distinguish a toy gun from a real one? Definitely not every time because we’ve all seen the tragic stories on the news."

These are all solid arguments, right?

But since this conversation did take place on Jessa’s Instagram, most of the people involved with the conversation were fans, and most Duggar fans are fans because they share similar beliefs and points of view.

So basically most people defended Jessa, claiming that it’s no big deal for her kids to have a toy gun, and that they’re just having fun.

But as one critic sarcastically remarked, it’s "So fun watching him point the toy at his sister’s head."

You can watch the video in full below: do you think there’s an issue with it?