90 Day Fiance: Brittany Learns Yazan's LIFE is in Danger

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's second season is winding to a close.

On Season 2, Episode 21, multiple stars and their parents and in-laws found themselves not seeing eye to eye.

First, Ariela's mom all but begs her to come home with her before her own departure.

Sumit invites his parents, planning to tell them his wedding plans, but they only agree to the visit because they want to take him away from Jenny.

Deavan and Jihoon get the apartment ready before Deavan's parents visit.

Tim gives Melyza news that could mean the heat death of their relationship.

And Brittany meets with Yazan and then with his brother, this time with a translator.

This is how she finds out exactly how dire things are ... and that Yazan's life has been threatened.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
Once again, it's time for Ariela tot ake her mother to the airport. Janice is reluctant to go and leave her daughter and grandson behind, especially after witnessing the conflict with Biniyam's family.

2. Janice is alarmed

Janice is alarmed
To the camera, she confesses that she's more worried about leaving Ariela behind now than she was before, when Ariela was pregnant.

3. She begs Ariela to speak her mind

She begs Ariela to speak her mind
"Honestly, do you really want to stay here?" Janice asks before she departs. "You gave up a lot to come here. If you have any doubts, don't hide them. Let them come out...We will help you in any way that we can."

4. Ariela insists that it's worth it to live as a family

Ariela insists that it's worth it to live as a family
"I would cry if I weren't just so exhausted," Ariela admits. "Am I making the right decision about where to live? I don't know. But I definitely want Avi to be with his father. That's no question."

5. Another early morning

Another early morning
It's the day of the baptism (if you're keeping score, this is the billionth thing on which Ariela has stated her preferences and then caved to Biniyam), and they are up in the pre-dawn darkness.

6. This is SUCH a big deal to the Shibre family

This is SUCH a big deal to the Shibre family
While Biniyam's sisters appear to have a literal belief that this baptism is the only thing that will keep baby Avi from eternal torture, at times it sounds more like Biniyam simply does things because his family expects it and he hasn't really considered doing things another way, because he seems to find behaving other than expected to be ridiculous. That said, we're seeing this through the lens of the camera.

7. It's a mass baptism

It's a mass baptism
We guess that the workaround that Biniyam's aunts promised to get Avi baptised with Ariela having to convert was that it was a mass baptism. Ariela is feeling deeply awkward at another religion's gathering, which is a pretty much universal experience.

8. Biniyam jokes about her discomfort

Biniyam jokes about her discomfort
We are NOT saying that Biniyam is stupid, but he has a tendency to act as if any other way of doing things is silly or someone else's problem, which is probably why he consistently ignores Ariela's point of view. He provides emotional comfort but refuses to change -- from being a better communicator to opening up to the idea of compromise. It's a little frustrating to watch.

9. Baby sandwich?

Baby sandwich?
There is an Ethiopian custom in which a newly baptised baby is wrapped in bread. Unlike a few other things that have come up in this relationship, this is a harmless and even charming custom that doesn't harm or infringe upon the rights of anyone. Also, after watching it, I'm now craving enchiladas.

10. Biniyam's family was overjoyed

Biniyam's family was overjoyed
Remember, to them this is more than just a cultural expectation, as at least some members of the Shibre family want the baptism out of sincerely held religious beliefs.

11. Um ... condescending much?

Um ... condescending much?
We're going to give Wish the benefit of the doubt and assume that English being a second language is why she sounds like she's praising a well-behaved dog when she talks about Ariela.

12. Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh
Jenny is where we left her last week -- crying after being warned by Sumit's brother, Amit, that she will never be accepted by their parents because of her age.

13. It's awkward

It's awkward
It's not that we don't all understand Jenny's tears, and we're sure that Amit and Sharee do, too. It's just deeply awkward.

14. Sharee has a good suggestion

Sharee has a good suggestion
She advises Sumit to tell his parents about his plans for the ring ceremony and marriage, simply because it will be worse if they find out indirectly.

15. But it won't be easy

But it won't be easy
Amit knows that this news will cause a fight between Sumit and his parents, who are refusing to budge on their condemnation of this romance.

16. Sumit takes their advice

Sumit takes their advice
For that reason, he tells Jenny that he wants to postpone the ring ceremony until after he informs his parents.

17. Okay ...

Okay ...
But Jenny is tired of waiting and she is apprehensive. The last time that she saw his parents, they were storming into the apartment to take Sumit away.

18. Sumit is in good spirits

Sumit is in good spirits
He acknowledges that, logically, he should be afraid, but he's focused on positive thoughts and trying to be optimistic about his parents coming to visit.

19. Tough crowd ...

Tough crowd ...
Sumit's mom, who appears to be the president of the I Hate Jenny Club, says that they did not want to come visit their son because of Jenny.

20. "We don't like her"

"We don't like her"
To be clear, their dislike of her is because she's old, and because they mistakenly believe that she violated their hospitality by having sex with their (adult) son when she visited India seven years earlier.

21. They DID decide to visit

They DID decide to visit
But Sumit's mom explains that their agenda is that they want to take Sumit to live back home with them -- every 32-year-old man's dream.

22. Sumit quashes that right away

Sumit quashes that right away
Jenny cannot understand the words being said, but she's there for the family meeting as Sumit assures his parents that he is not going to come home to live with them.

23. He just wants them to be happy that he is happy

He just wants them to be happy that he is happy
His mother cannot stop being controlling, and says that she will never be happy with his "wrong decision." By all rights, that should be her problem and only her problem, but she's trying to make it his, too.

24. They can't stop him

They can't stop him
Earlier, they believed that his parents could stop him from marrying. Now, they have found an alternative route to marriage to which his parents cannot object.

25. "There is no law above parents' law."

"There is no law above parents' law."
This brainrotten nonsense that Sumit's parents are spouting is a great example of the difference between cultural differences -- what people eat, how they dress, what holidays they celebrate, what languages they speak -- and moral right and wrong. Asserting that you get to control your adult son's life because of the happenstance of being family occurs in many cultures, and it's always wrong.

26. He wants their blessing to marry her

He wants their blessing to marry her
"Over our dead bodies" is wildly dramatic, and Sumit's mom isn't the only one flipping out over her son's love life.

27. Sumit's dad weighs in

Sumit's dad weighs in
He tells Sumit to find a 100-year-old, clearly arguing that Jenny's age makes her ridiculous for a partner.

28. They're SO bent out of shape over what people think

They're SO bent out of shape over what people think
Sumit's parents whine about how others will think less of them if her son's wife is this much older than he is. Once again, this is them choosing to have a problem and then choosing to make this their son's problem.

29. "I can't do this to this family"

"I can't do this to this family"
Jenny cannot understand the words being spoken, but the tone and facial expressions are unmistakable. It's not going well. As the yelling and crying continue, Jenny gets up and walks away, feeling a misplaced sense of guilt over what is happening to that family and saying that maybe she should just return to the US.

30. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
We continue with the uncomfortable experience of watching this doomed marriage play out on screen. Deavan is shown asking Jihoon to help tidy up because her mom is coming over. Is she supposed to be a "nag" in this edit? Like we've seen 90 Day Fiance stretch to give stars villain edits before, but "hey let's do some cleaning before my mom comes over" is an almost universal human experience.

31. Elicia arrives

Elicia arrives
Deavan's parents arrive at the house, and Elicia is visibly relieved to see how much better it is than the weird efficiency that Jihoon showed her much earlier in the season.

32. Jihoon wants to involve everyone in a tradition

Jihoon wants to involve everyone in a tradition
Since they're having a second wedding (remember, they are already married), Jihoon walks them through what's essentially a ritual of exchange for a new couple before they are married.

33. Squid masks!

Squid masks!
We're sure that, as was commented, these masks -- worn traditionally to ward off evil spirits -- do not smell great. But let's not forget how goofy many traditions in the US would sound if we had to explain them to someone with no frame of reference. Hollow pumpkins start to smell less than stellar after a few days, too, and I'd *love* to hear most people try to explain their Christmas decorations.

34. Jihoon brings a box

Jihoon brings a box
The Hahm box is full of objects that are supposed to be auspicious for a marriage.

35. Then he has to go find Deavan

Then he has to go find Deavan
It's a game of hide-and-seek featuring masks made of dead squid. Amazing. Deavan even jokes about how Jihoon has just traded her for a box of goodies.

36. The fitting

The fitting
Deavan admits that she is still nervous because she's unsure if her mother actually approves of Jihoon as her partner or not, even though they're already married. Jihoon's mom seems to finally approve of her, so she's hoping that Elicia will match that.

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