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For Britt Nilsson, her stint as The Bachelorette concluded after the guys cast their votes last night, ending her journey almost before it even began.

As The Bachelorette spoilers predicted, Kaitlyn Bristoe won the guys' vote and will retain The Bachelorette title, while Britt went home in a limo crying.

Again. Brutal. She may still get her happy ending, however.

It was hinted Tuesday that she made an early connection with one special man, Brady, who asked off the show to pursue Nilsson instead of Bristowe.

Britt, 27, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to reflect on the way she was cut loose by Chris Harrison, and what has happened since then.

"I was shocked," she said. "I really was. I just had this feeling that I was supposed to do it, so in my mind, that meant I'm gonna do the whole season."

"I met these guys and I felt things starting," she lamented, noting that already on night one, "I did like some of these guys, there were a few."

Fortunately, Nashville musician Brady felt the same way.

He told Kaitlyn during the rose ceremony, "If I'm honest with you and myself, my heart is with the woman that left a couple hours ago."

Soon enough, he went off to pursue Britt.

"Did he find you?” Kimmel asked, and after initially hesitating to answer, Nilsson confessed, "Uh, I mean, yeah ... in my hotel room, crying."

"I guess Chris Harrison felt bad about having let me go, so, he gave Brady my [hotel room number]," she said of that fateful night.

"It's very gentlemanly. I thought it was sweet."

As to whether Britt is dating him now? "I cannot reveal at all. He comes to my door and I was very surprised. It will be on the show next week."

Sounds like this was pretty win-win. When one door closes, and the mascara flows in the limo, another opens in a hotel ... or something.

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